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KARACHI: The ugly power tussle between sports institutions of the country has begun bringing bad name to the country as the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has suspended the membership of the Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBF).

There is no reason why others who have violated the IOC charter should not face the same fate if they do not mend their ways soon.

FIBA has suspended the membership of PBF on charges of violation of the IOC charter.

‘The News’ had mentioned in its last Friday story that this week would be crucial for Pakistan’s sports future.

The interim committee setup of the POA and parallel sports federations backed by the government would be in hot waters soon when the IOC started taking action.

The IOC has given much time to Pakistan to resolve its internal issues but unfortunately due to overall disorder in the country, neither the previous PPP government could do anything about it nor has the PML-N government so far given importance to sports conflicts.

The government must remember that the IOC recently banned India, which forced its government to change its policies.

The IOC’s reaction to the elections of Pakistan Olympic Association organised by the interim committee on July 4 to elect a new body would be crucial.

The sources said other federations which have been violating the IOC charter may also be banned by their respective world bodies.

Just after the National Games began in Islamabad, a Lahore High Court judge issued an order, saying: “It is clear that previously 32nd National Games were held from 22nd to 28th December, 2012 and an amount of Rs10 million was spent and about 5000 athletes participated in the games, 903 medals were distributed and now by the Interim Committee of Pakistan Olympic Association, the holding of replica of 32nd National Games again cannot be held to be valid as it is not the mandate of the Committee and as tomorrow the games are going to start, therefore, in the interest of sports activities in Pakistan as well as in the interest of participants/players as well as officials who have reached Islamabad from all over Pakistan to participate in these games, I am not inclined to stay holding of the games but these games cannot be termed as replica of 32nd National Games 2012. Interim Committee of Pakistan Olympic Association is restrained from using the name of ‘replica to 32nd National Games’ for these games. The Committee may give any other name to these games.” The POA interim committee has bowed before the court order.