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LAHORE–The International Olympic Committee (IOC) in its two letters issued by the heads of two separate divisions, the NOC Relations and International Relations and Governance, has most resoundingly endorsed the Pakistan Olympic Association’s (POA) stance with regard to the so-called Interim Committee of POA and its sham elections.

“The POA stands vindicated. We have done our best to preserve and protect the Olympic Movement and its spirit in this country and at the same time escaping the IOC sanctions that were clearly under consideration after its Executive Board’s approval.

“We have able to achieve this despite the worst kind of provocation by the Pakistan Sports Board and its propped-up so-called Interim Committee of POA.

“We hope and pray that the new federal government shall be able to check the menace that the PSB and its satellite Interim Committee has become, and also back the genuine sporting representative of the nation in POA and the National Federations.

“The IOC’s support has all along been critical. The POA is grateful to the IOC, OCA and the International Federations for their resolute backing, and also to an overwhelming majority of the National Federations for their stout resistance to the illegal takeover of the National Olympic Committee”, said Gen. Arif Hasan.     

Both the letters, which have been most widely circulated amongst the Olympic Family worldwide, while providing unqualified support to the POA and its national and international status, spare Pakistan the ban or suspension as a country. At the same time, the action has been initiated against each and every individual who has affiliated itself with the counterfeit body.

Both the letters also reaffirm that the Gen. Arif Hasan led POA shall not only remain the IOC’s representative, but is also to take legal and all other action on its behalf for the use of the international body’s property.

The POA has also been authorized to share all its recent communication with the new federal minister of Inter-provincial Coordination Committee, Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, with a view to “invite him for a meeting in Lausanne – together with IOC member in Pakistan, Syed Shahid Ali, and you, in your capacity as the President of the POA – to review the situation and seek the government’s support and cooperation for the interest of sport and the athletes in Pakistan.”

In one of the two communications addressed to the POA President, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan, Pere Miro, head of the IOC’s NOC Relations, thanking the former for his “self-explanatory letter and report of 8 July 2013 has once again pledged total support to the IOC and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) recognized National Olympic Committee.

In the second letter, Jerome Poivey, of head of the IOC’s International Relations and Governance section, has addressed all international federations, requesting them to take action against any official in a Pakistani National Federation who associated himself with the Interim Committee and its elections.

Mr. Poivey’s letter notes in his letter to all International Federations: “Further to our communication of 22 February 2013 regarding the situation of the Olympic Movement in Pakistan, please find enclosed:

(i) A full report (zip file attached) made by the IOC recognised Pakistan Olympic Association following the so-called “elections” organised on 5 July by an illegal body outside the structure of the IOC recognised NOC; and (ii) A copy of the self-explanatory IOC/OCA letter sent today to the IOC recognised Pakistan Olympic Association in relation to this situation.

“In view of this, we would be grateful if you could kindly check whether your respective National Federations in Pakistan (and/or any of their representatives), if any, have been involved and/or associated with these illegal “elections” and, if this is the case, consider any appropriate action vis-à-vis your Federation and/or any of its representative (if this has not been done yet).”

The letter by Mr. Miro, addressed to President POA is reproduced here in full:

“Thank you very much for your self-explanatory letter and report of 8 July 2013.

“It is very sad to note that so-called “elections” were eventually conducted on 5 July by an illegal and illegitimate “body” or “group of individuals” outside the existing structure of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA). This action goes against the Olympic Charter, the POA’s Constitution, all IOC/OCA directives and warnings (as clearly mentioned in all our letters during the past few months) and the instructions of a number of the International Federations concerned.

“The IOC and OCA strongly condemn this action, which has no other purpose than to try to take over the POA by all means, including by blatantly violating the principles and rules which govern the Olympic Movement. By doing so, and by deliberately ignoring the IOC/OCA warnings, these people will not achieve any result (as they are well aware). They are simply isolating and excluding themselves from the Olympic Movement, and they will be held responsible for any damage their misleading actions and irresponsible behaviour may cause to the athletes and the Olympic Movement in Pakistan.

“It goes without saying that the IOC and OCA maintain full recognition of the POA currently headed by you, following the regular elections of your NOC which took place on 4 February 2012 in the presence of IOC/OCA observers. As a consequence, we wish to point out, once more, that the POA currently headed by you is, and will continue to be, the sole entity entitled to operate as a National Olympic Committee and, in particular, to enter delegations and athletes from Pakistan in world, continental and regional multi-sports events under its jurisdiction, in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

“No other individual or group has any legal basis to claim to be or to represent in any manner whatsoever the POA and, as a result, has no jurisdiction to act as a National Olympic Committee or to enter any athlete or delegation in any event.

“You are therefore requested to continue taking all the necessary actions in Pakistan to ensure that the Olympic Charter and the IOC/OCA position are fully respected, including but not limited to any legal action against the individuals who are fraudulently using the IOC properties and the marks of the POA.

“In addition, the IOC will reserve its right to take any further action. In particular, the IOC will immediately inform all the International Federations concerned to consider any appropriate measure against any national federation and/or any representative of a national federation who associated themselves with these so-called “elections” in violation of the rules of the Olympic Movement. As you know, a number of International Federations have already taken a strong stance and severe measures in this regard.

“We would appreciate it if you could kindly forward a copy of this letter (as well as the recent IOC/OCA letters on this subject) to the newly appointed Minister in charge, HE Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination. We would also be more than willing to invite him for a meeting in Lausanne – together with IOC member in Pakistan, Syed Shahid Ali, and you, in your capacity as the President of the POA – to review the situation and seek the government’s support and cooperation for the interest of sport and the athletes in Pakistan.”