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Friday, September 20, 2013 - A VERY serious situation is developing as far sports in Pakistan is concerned. The country is already out of the Hockey World Cup and now may well be thrown out of the Olympics.

A self-styled Olympic association has been created under official patronage of the federal minister for inter-provincial coordination who perhaps does not realize that by patronizing an illegitimate organization, he can be held responsible for harming the national interest.

A minister is supposed to protect the country’s interest at home and abroad, but in this case , the reverse is happening. Unfortunate it may appear, but bitter fact is that some self styled “sports lovers” like by Maj-General (r) Akram Sahi, and his colleagues have been guilty of bringing shame and disgrace to the country. The charter of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is crystal clear.It is meant to promote amateurs in sports. It does not recognize, much less approve of government influence on disciplines held in world Olympics or the Asian games. Those who had formed a parallel Olympic Committee in Pakistan through so-called elections, have inflicted unbearable damage to the cause of Pakistani sportsmen and Athletes.

They have brought enough humiliation to the country when their request for participation in Islamic Games and the Commonwealth Games, stood rejected by the IOC. The governing board of the IOC, which is the only recognized worldwide body for amateur games on global scale, deals only through those involved in organizing such games in their respective countries on voluntary basis, through mere funding by their respective governments.

The IOC recognizes only the Pakistan Olympic Committee headed by General (r) Arif Hasan. It has refused to deal with any other organization. Good luck for Pakistan the IOC in its meeting in the French city of Lausane earlier this month ,despite recommendations from their governing board, still is willing to give Pakistan a chance to explain its position. It has invited the IPC minister and General Arif Hasan to express their viewpoints.

This could only be called a generous move by the world body. Pakistan hockey has already been driven to a point where Pakistan, as world cup sponsor, has been disqualified from participating in the next event. Now the country stands on the brink of being thrown out of the Olympics as well. Where is the national pride then?

It has been rubbed in the dust by few power hungry people like Akram Sahi, and those who thought their days were over in Hockey management. Asif Bajwa opted to quit as secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation and did even worse by nominating a non-entity like Rana Mujahid in his place.

What is Rana Mujahid’s contribution to hockey. As junior coach he failed to organize under-16, and under-18 tournaments for five years. Now he is installed as secretary of an organization which has in the past been bringing laurels for the country, but which has now fallen in wrong hands. Now the PHF has been appealing to game’s former stalwarts, ex-Olympians etc to help them organize hockey.

Stupid thing to do. Why should the former Olympians get their names sullied for the benefits of few individuals. The entire PHF structure needs to be overhauled by the government. Why there is no Minister for Sports. The Pakiistan Sports Board, too, is playing in the hands of self-serving people, incapable of doing any good to the country. Those in the PSB and the PHF are merely interested in foreign trips, allowances and dinner parties etc, not in the game.

People who do not understand the meaning of the Glory of the Game, are now at the helm of affairs in PHF and PSB, and their followers are trying to take control of the IOC through means which are not acceptable to international community. My humble appeal as a journalist and critic who had had the opportunity to cover world’s major events at home and abroad to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, is to look into the matter without any further delay, and order complete overhaul of the PHF, PCB and the IOC.

Save Pakistan, Mr Prime Minister, from further humiliations. Your intervention alone can protect the country’s interests. Time is fast running out and the nation rightly expects you to do something to save sports from being annihilated from Pakistan. We will be ousted from Olympics, for sure, but timely action can help avert the situation.