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Press Release - 125th Anniversary of the IOC & Inauguration of the Globally Recognized Sustainable "Olympic House" Back To Main


The International Olympic Committee is celebrating its 125th Anniversary on the 23rd June, 2019 cherishing the values and culture of Olympism fostered across the world under the globally felicitated Olympic Movement for over a century. The Olympism and Olympiad have become a universal phenomena. During the celebrations, the world will also witness the inauguration of the state of the art Olympic House. The Olympic house, new headquarters of the IOC, has received three of the most rigorous sustainable building certifications making it a state of the art sustainable building in the world. “Sustainability is one of the three pillars of Olympic Agenda – the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement. The IOC is committed to embedding its principles across its operations as an organisation, as the owner of the Olympic Games and as the leader of the Olympic Movement." 

We are delighted to inform that Lt Gen (R) Syed Arif Hasan, President, Pakistan Olympic Association (NOC Pakistan) has been invited by the IOC to witness the celebrations to inaugurate the New Olympic House being held under the auspice of the IOC. He will be attending the Olympic Day on June 23rd 2019 at the Olympic Headquarters, Lausanne Switzerland. 

NOC Pakistan will host a ceremony to celebrate Olympic Day on June 23rd with elite athletes and Olympians at Pakistan Olympic House, Lahore.


Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
Secretary General
Pakistan Olympic Association (NOC Pakistan)