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Olympic Day - Message Of Lt Gen Syed Arif Hasan Hi(M) (Retd) President Pakistan Olympic Association Back To Main


Esteemed friends, colleagues and volunteers.

Dear Athletes, Students and Children,

Today we gather here at the DHA Sports Complex, Lahore to celebrate the birth of modern Olympics first of which were held on 23 June 1894 in Paris. On this day we cherish the work of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, father of Modern Olympics who was an Educationist.

Thank you to the DHA team for partnering with POA to commemorate Olympics and brining people from all sections of society here at DHA Sports Complex, Lahore and organize the Olympic Day core event of “Olympic Day Run”.

It always is a great delight to see people all across from various sections of society in particular children and youngsters participating in Olympic Day. The aim is to invest into and benefit from the educational value of sports and sports as a tool of education combined.

On this Olympic Day 2022, we wish to highlight remarkable contributions that the Olympic Movement led to resonate the message of resilience and what benefit we achieve through harmony and peace. The Olympic Motto of Faster, Higher, Stronger – TOGETHER resonates that together the world is capable of overcoming all challenges. It was Tokyo 2020 overcoming the challenges posed by Covid 19. The Beijing 2022 was the other global activity that brought people from almost all the countries of the world together to celebrate the Olympic Values and indeed these two global events passed the hurdles in a collective passion.

My thanks to everyone attending this event. I am also grateful to Brig Waheed Gul Satti, Administrator DHA Lahore and his team for collaboration with NOC Pakistan in the best interest of Olympic Movement in Pakistan. I wish DHA and POA the very best in its future endeavors and look forward to its joint ventures for promotion of national sports with an aim to raise our green flag in the International arenas.

Once again thank you all participants.

Pakistan Zinda Baad.