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Dear Olympic friends,

When our founder, Pierre de Coubertin, revived the Olympic Games in 1894, he saw it as a way to promote peace among nations and people. Always the visionary, he said: “Should the institution of the Olympic Games prosper, it can become a potent factor in securing universal peace.”

Therefore, the purpose of the Olympic Movement was always to promote peace through sport.

This Olympic Day, when we celebrate the creation of the Olympic Movement, is therefore the perfect moment to remind ourselves of this peace mission.

Sport always builds bridges and brings people together in peace and solidarity. In these difficult times we are living through, with conflict and division on the rise, we need this unifying power of sport more than ever before.

This Olympic spirit guides us as we strive to go faster, aim higher, become stronger, by standing together — for a peaceful world.

On this Olympic Day, please join us as we call on everyone around the world: give peace a chance.