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By Syed Intikhab Ali

KARACHI: Sindh sports minister Dr Muhammad Ali Shah proudly announced on Tuesday that the provincial government would lay blue astro turfs at three hockey grounds in Karachi, including PHF’s Hockey Club of Pakistan (HCP).

He said this while addressing a ceremony at the Olympians Hockey Ground in PECHS Block 2, previously known as Khalid Bin Waleed hockey ground.

He said that blue turfs would be laid at Olympians Hockey Ground in PECHS, North Nazimabad Block N Hockey Ground and PHF’s Hockey Club of Pakistan. There has been little activity at the PECHS ground for several years although it was once the hub of local hockey.

Dr Shah said funds for these blue turfs have been set aside in the budget for 2012-13.

He said that Sindh government has always provided sports facilities to the citizens.

He said that these turfs would bring a positive change and arrest the decline of Pakistan hockey which had begun because of the lack of advanced facilities.

It is expected that the task of laying the blue turf and other development works at the PECHS ground will be completed in six to eight months.

A managing committee will be formed to run the affairs of the ground.

Later Olympian Qamar Ibrahim thanked Dr Shah for his support to the hockey of Karachi.

He said that after completion of the development work, an academy would be established by former Olympians to groom the fresh talent.

He promised that in three years, the academy would provide talented players to the national junior and senior outfits.