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Did PSB conceal some facts from IOC ruling? Back To Main



By Mohammad Yaqoob

Dated 22-07-2012


LAHORE: A decision on the row between the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and the International Olympic Association (IOC) which has put the country’s future in international sports at stake, was expected to be announced late on Saturday.

However, it has now come to light that the conflicts between the PSB and the IOC over violation of some clauses forced the sports board to conceal some of the facts of the IOC’s ruling given in the case.

In a letter written on June 21 to the government of Pakistan, the IOC clarified that the national sports organisation are independent and the government has no role to interfere in their affairs. However, the PSB issued a press release to the media in which this part of the IOC’s ruling was not mentioned at all. The same IOC ruling has now been obtained by Dawn which clarifies the situation to some extent.

The PSB in a press statement issued last week stated: “The Pakistan Sports Board clarifies its position regarding the National Sports Policy 2005, PSB rules 1981 and concerns of the IOC and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). The IOC/OCA has shown concerns on (I) two-term tenure restriction of the National Sports Policy 2005 and (II) two sections of PSB rules, 1981.

“Regarding tenure restriction, the IOC/OCA have accepted that it is the internal matter and should be settled between the federal government, PSB and the federation/associations through dialogue.”

Now the IOC and OCA ruling said: “As far as the tenure restrictions for the office-bearers, these are not against any provision/clause of the IOC Charter; the IOC and OCA have no reservation against their implementation. The IOC and OCA understand that these issues are internal matters and should be settled between the federal government, the PSB and federations/associations through dialogue.

“In order to move forward in a satisfactory manner for all parties, the IOC and OCA propose that a free and open dialogue and consultation taking place at national level between all parties involved. The forum for discussion and dialogue may be initiated by the PSB provided that the POA and each one of the national sports federation are invited and included in the discussion.”

However, the last paragraph of the IOC’s letter has not been mentioned in the PSB press release, which says: “This forum (of federal government, PSB and the federations) might find a consensus which could result in a recommendation made to the national sports organisations concerned.

“However, this forum will not be in a position to make any decision. The final decision on that issue will have to be left to the general assemblies of each national sports organisation concerned which will freely decide whether they wish to make an amendment to their respective constitutions currently in force or not.

“The IOC and OCA take this matter very seriously and need to receive clear commitment from the relevant government authorities in Pakistan to confirm in writing their acceptance of items I and II mentioned above and to move forward accordingly.”