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By Tom Degun at Team GB House in London

August 5 - British Olympic Association (BOA) chairman Colin Moynihan has again called for a complete step change in school sport to ensure that there is a real legacy from the London 2012 Games.

Moynihan has been a vocal critic of the school sport structure in this country since significant cuts were made to its budget by the Coalition Government in 2010 and said here today that if reforms are not made quickly, Britain will lose out on the unique chance to inspire people to take up sport following London 2012.
"London 2012 has so far been a great Games but we need to translate it into the greatest Games," he said.
"There has already been a real legacy in terms of urban regeneration from these Games which is fantastic.
"But the critical legacy for me is more sports participation amongst children following the Games.
"We have a unique chance here with the inspiration provided by London 2012 but we would lose a real opportunity to capitalise on that without a complete step change.
"We need to reform school sport at all levels with increased investment, increased resources facilities and increased organisation to ensure that we do get the legacy that we all want from these Games.
"Frankly, we have been treading water for a long time with school sport and that is simply not good enough when you have a home Olympics.
"What is absolutely important and the focus for those in power, is to make sure the thousands of kids right across the country,  the able bodied and disabled, are not only inspired by sport but that inspiration is translated into participation.
"We have an opportunity to do something here and school sport it is one of the wider of the BOA."
Moynihan said that the BOA do not want a singular, leading role in school sport but admitted that the organisation wants to be a senior partner going forward.
"We don't need to be a controlling partner in school sport, that is not our ambition," he said.
"But the BOA and Team GB can really contribute to ensuring we have a real step change.
"We want to create a new support and participation from the Games and see increases to the amount of time for sport in the curriculum.
"But this is a collective responsibility of all the various bodies and stake holders, not with one taking responsibility for it all.
"We need to bring the various skill sets together moving into the future to make this happen."

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