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October 15 - International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge believes London could host the Olympics and Paralympics again in the next 20 years after the city impressed when it hosted the Games this summer.

The 2012 Games saw London become the first city ever to host the Olympics on three occasions having hosted the Games before in 1908 and 1948.

But after London 2012 received widespread plaudits around the globe, Rogge said the event could return to the city for a fourth time far sooner than many have predicted, with 2032 a real possibility.

"Whether there is a will to do that is another matter, but definitely, that would be possible," Rogge told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"The IOC welcomes good bids irrespective of the place they originate from.

"There will always be a competition between various Candidate Cities.

"This is a contest and definitely it remains to be seen whether London would show an interest to bid again, and if that is the case London will have to face other cities.

"I would welcome good bids emanating from as many countries as possible and this includes the United Kingdom."


IOC President Jacques Rogge (L) was hugely impressed with London 2012 and the Organising Committee headed by Sebastian Coe (R)

Rogge also backed Britain to make a success of the Olympic Stadium and to ensure it has a real legacy.

"My view is that what we really need is to ensure that [the Stadium] can be used by communities and not be left as a white elephant and I'm quite sure that my British friends will find a solution for sustainable legacy," he said.

"As long as the track can be kept, that is the most important thing in terms of legacy for the athletics.

"But if a football team would come in the stadium, this would guarantee sustainable development."

The strong likelihood is that both football and athletics will coexist in the Olympic Stadium together as West Ham United, one of four bidders under consideration to lease the venue, are favourites to move in and keep the athletics track.

A decision on which bidder will take the Olympic Stadium will be made before the end of the year but the future of the track is already assured, with the venue set to the 2017 World Athletics Championships.

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