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Hanoi wins bid to host 2019 Asian Games

Macau, China, November 8, 2012: Hanoi has been selected to host the Olympic Council of Asia’s showpiece event, the Asian Games, in 2019 following a ballot of delegates at the 31st OCA General Assembly in Macau on Thursday. The Vietnamese capital won the vote over Surabaya of Indonesia.

With India not attending the gathering, the 44 other members of the OCA took part in the vote, with 23 as the magic number.

The OCA President, H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah, described the result as “very tight” but did not give any details of the voting.

Surabaya, located in East Java and the second biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, was awarded the 4th Asian Youth Games in 2021 as the consolation prize.

Speaking at a press conference immediately after the General Assembly, Sheikh Ahmad congratulated the two bids on their preparations and presentations, and said both were suitable to host the 18th edition of the Asian Games in 2019.

Regarding Vietnam, which will host the Asian Games for the first time, Sheikh Ahmad said: “Everyone remembers the Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi in 2009 and all the participants were very satisfied and wanted to go back to Vietnam.

“Vietnam will also host the 5th Asian Beach Games at Nha Trang in 2016, and through this experience I am confident they will organise a very successful Asian Games in 2019.

“We have trust in their leaders, the government of Vietnam, the city of Hanoi and the National Olympic Committee. Through my experience in sport and also in finance and the economy, Vietnam is always committed and delivers on its promises.

”Sheikh Ahmad said Hanoi was capable of hosting such a big event in terms of finance, infrastructure, marketing and other aspects.

“I am confident the Vietnam government, Hanoi city and the National Olympic Committee will do a great job with the cooperation of the OCA.

“Vietnam has all the tools - a country with big potential and a booming economy.

”Hanoi, a city with a population of 7 million, plans 36 sports, including the 28 in the 2020 Olympic Games, and 16 days of competition in late November 2019. A new airport terminal, highways and bridges, as well as sports facilities, are part of Hanoi’s long-term development.

Mr Hoang Tuan Anh, President of Vietnam NOC and Minister of Sport and Culture, said: “This is great for Vietnam and I am very happy. We have successfully organised the South East Asian Games and the Asian Indoor Games in 2009, and based on this experience we know we have much to do to build a successful Asian Games in 2019. Any difficulties from the past we will use for the future work.

”Earlier in the General Assembly, OCA signed a host city contract with Hambantota, Sri Lanka, for the 3rd Asian Youth Games in 2017.Regards, Jeans