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ISLAMABAD - The first meeting of interim committee established to run the affairs of Pakistan Olympics Association (POA) held on Wednesday at Pakistan Sports Board. Addressing a press conference after the meeting, committee head Asif Bajwa said: “The meeting was on two-point agenda first to hold 28th National Games again and second holding of POA elections in a free, fair and transparent manner.

After the detailed discussions among the committee members including Rana Mujhahid Ali, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, Zafar Abbas Lak and Muddasar Arain, it was decided to hold the POA elections and then let the elected persons decide when to hold National Games.”He said we can’t allow IOC or any other organisation to dictate us and we are bound to abide by the Supreme Court orders regarding third term restriction on holding of office in national federation.

Bajwa further said Lahore High Court had directed to hold POA elections and termed earlier held elections as null and void.Replying to a question whether Gen Arif Hasan would be allowed to contest elections, Bajwa said he would be allowed only if he got a nod from Supreme Court to contest the elections.

Bajwa further said the committee would meet again soon to finalise election commission with the consent of all the members.Meanwhile, Inter provincial Coordination Ministry, Government of Pakistan has endorsed the formation of interim Committee of Pakistan Olympic Association, in a letter addressed to Lt Col (R) Zafar Ahmed Secretary General, Islamabad Olympic Association which reads as: "We acknowledge receipt of your letter No. IOA/786/ 2013 dated 3rd February, 2013 on the subject and trust that all contemplated actions and measureswould be in consonance with the letter in true spirit of the Supreme Court's judgment and in compliance with the furtherance of the Sports Policy 2005 of the Government of Pakistan" The said letter has alsobeen communicated to the IOC and the OCA.