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Lausanne, Switzerland: The IOC Executive Board discussed issues involving a number of National Olympic Committees during its meeting in Lausanne this week, including those affecting the NOCs of India and Pakistan. The NOC of India was suspended by the EB during its last meeting in December as a result of government interference and governance issues. 

Unfortunately, the situation has not improved and the IOC recently reiterated its request that the suspended NOC work diligently to find a solution that complies with the Olympic Charter. Once this is accomplished, the IOC would be ready to invite the relevant stakeholders to meet for further discussions. 

The NOC of Pakistan is also facing government interference, and the IOC firmly condemns the so-called “interim committee” established by a number of individuals supported by the government of Pakistan with the aim of taking over the legitimate NOC, which is fully recognised by the IOC. 

Should the situation not improve and the government not cooperate in finding a solution that respects the Olympic Charter, the EB may soon consider a suspension of the NOC as a protective measure for the NOC and the Olympic Movement in Pakistan against outside interference.