Pakistan Tennis Federation

  1. To upload and enforce the ITF Rules of Tennis, Tournament Guidelines, Code of Conduct, as promulgated from time to time by the ITF and Pakistan Tennis Federation itself;
  2. To promote and develop, on modern lines, the game of tennis in Pakistan.
  3. To promote, develop and execute player’s developmental programs using modern teaching, coaching and training techniques throughout Pakistan.
  4. To promote, encourage and launch National Coaches Education/Certification programs.
  5. To take steps for the ongoing education/certification of on-court officiating staff.
  6. To promote the formulation of the affiliated organizations and exercise checks and balances over their performance.
  7. To uphold the principles and objectives of the Federation and to take such measures as may appear expedient for promotion of the game of tennis from national and international point of view.
  8. To enforce the observance of these Articles.
  9. To coordinate activities in respect of the game in the country including award of national and international tennis championships recognized by the Federation and organizing such tennis tournaments and championships.
  10. To collect funds and to employ those in such manner as shall be deemed expedient.
  11. To select teams and officials on the basis of a standard criterion, to represent Pakistan and to promote, control and enhance visits of foreign teams and individuals to Pakistan.
  12. To preserve the independence of the Federation in all matters concerning the game of tennis without the intervention of any outside authority.
  13. To take steps for the construction of tennis courts and other associated infrastructure.
  14. To put in place statements of work/job descriptions of various officers.