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Welcome to the Pakistan Rugby Union

Pakistan Rugby Union is the governing body. It has been set up to regulate, develop and promote the game of Rugby in Pakistan. Pakistan Rugby is a full member of World Rugby, Asia Rugby, Pakistan Olympic Association and Pakistan Sports Board.

It began as far back as 1925 when the Karachi Rugby Football Union was formed. The game remained exclusively an expatriate sport, with KRFU being active on the All-India circuit up till the late fifties. In 1968/1969 fortunately a handful of local players were introduced into the club. By the mid-seventies, the British Navy reduced its presence in the Indian Ocean and port visits became infrequent, and by the early eighties Rugby had become almost non-existent. The Karachi Rugby Football Union continued to play, yet due to limited funds it was unable to travel abroad for matches and suffered from lack of opposing teams to play within the country.

The interest in Rugby was rejuvenated in the nineties by a combination of passion and commitment of the locals who had been introduced to the game in the seventies and resurgence in the expatriate presence. Whilst some experienced local players established clubs in Lahore and Karachi, staff from foreign embassies, commissions and banks, consisting of Frenchmen, British, and some Americans, established a club in Islamabad. 1992 onwards has seen regular fixtures between teams from these cities.

The Pakistan Rugby Union was formed in 2000 as the representative of the Sport in Pakistan. Currently it is a full member of the World Rugby, Asia Rugby, Pakistan Olympic Association and recognized as the Governing body of the sport by the Pakistan Sports Board.