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Pakistan Army

Welcome to the Army Sports Directorate

Pakistan Army is one of the recognized and affiliated Services Organizations of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA). The objectives of sports in the Army are to create environments/culture of esprit-de-corps, comradeship, physical and mental fitness culminating into healthy competitions. It also aims at channelizing the energies of the soldiers in a positive direction and promoting character building amongst them. For This purpose the Army Sports Directorate is sourcing all efforts.
Army Sports Directorate besides organizing, planning and conducting the sports in the Army, coordinates with sister services organizations, various National Sports Federations (NSFs), Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and Pakistan Olympic Association (POA). The Pakistan Army is affiliated with all the National Sports Federations in the Country and takes part in all National Championships on regular basis.

Pakistan Army remains the backbone of the National Sports which indeed is the only institution that provides bulk of athletes for the national teams. It has the honour of winning the “Quaid-i-Azam Trophy” during the National Games for record 23 times and 17 times in a row with overwhelming lead over all other departments /provinces.