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Welcome to the Pakistan Squash Federation

Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is the national governing of sport of Squash in the Country. The Federation is affiliated with the World Squash Federation (WSF)  and the Asian Squash Federation (ASF).
Squash is the only individual sport in which Pakistan has made her presence felt at the international level.  Ever since her debut in 1950, Pakistan has remained among the top squash playing countries of the world. The man who put Pakistan on the squash map of the world was Hashim Khan, who descended on the squash scene in 1950 to baffle the world with his artistry, wizardry and amazing speed on the squash court. He went on to found a dynasty which dominated the squash world for nearly three decades. The names of such great maestros as brother Azam Khan, cousin Roshan Khan,  nephew Mohibullah, Qamar Zaman, Jahangir Khan (son of Roshan Khan) and Jansher Khan, have adorned the Squash firmament during the last thirty-odd years.

Presently, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman is the President, Group Captain Amir Nawaz is the Honorary Secretary and Flight Lieutenant Ahmed Sikander Mayo is the Honorary Treasurer of the Federation.

1.    Squash was almost unknown as a game till about the middle of 20th century.  At the time of participation of India which saw the birth of Pakistan as an independent country, the only international squash tournament was the British Open held in London each year.  Its winner carried the title of World Champion. Pakistan has ruled the world of squash for more than four decades.

2.    Pakistan Squash Federation came under the umbrella of Pakistan Air Force in early 70s along with formation of Asian Squash Federation in early 80s.  Since then, the PAF has been tremendously contributing for the promotion of Squash in the country.

3.    The Asian Squash Federation was established after the successful journey of Great Hashim Khan from PAF Base Peshawar to England.  Mr Hashim Khan was merely a ball picker at PAF Officers’ Mess Peshawar but had high aims with firm determination for making his dreams true of being World Champion. During Pakistan Professional Squash Championship in 1949 at Kakul, Mr Hashim Khan lifted the title amongst 32 participants with his stunning performance where Commandant PMA Kakul (Brig Ingall) admired the action-packed Hashim and was confident that he was good enough to compete in the British Open. 

4.    When the information passed to then Air Force Chief about Hashim Khan’s slick performance, he further supported his case and finally at the age of 37 years, Mr Hashim Khan reached London in 1951 on a chartered PAF plane. As he belonged from a very humble background with very limited resources, the young officers of PAF contributed for his participation.  In his first international appearance, Hashim Khan won the prestigious British Open at England. His consecutive victory in British Open continued till 1956 and in 1958. By joining Mr Roshan Khan in 1957 as World Champion, this journey was followed with the stunning efforts by Azam Khan, Roshan Khan, Mohibullah (Snr), Qamar Zaman, Jahangir Khan and the unmatchable Jansher Khan.

5.    The highlights of our major projects with prominent achievements are elaborated below.

Champions from Pakistan

1.    Hashim Khan        1951-56, 58                               7 Years
2.    Roshan Khan        1957                                            1 Year
3.    Azam Khan          1959-62                                      4 Years
4.    Mohibullah Khan   1963                                           1 Year
5.    Qamar Zaman       1975                                           1 Year
6.    Jahangir Khan       1981-85, 88                               6 Years
7.    Jansher Khan        1987, 1989, 1990, 1992-96    8 Years       


World Open (individual) Squash Championships:

  • Mr Jahangir Khan won the World Open Squash Championship title for 6 times in 1981, 82, 83, 84, 85 and 1988.
  • Mr Jansher Khan won the World Open Squash Championship title for 8 times in 1987, 89, 90, 92, 93, 94, 95 and 96.

World Junior Squash Team Championships:

Pakistan won 5 championships out of the total 19 championships from 1980 to 2016.

World Mens’ Team Championships:

  • Pakistan won 5 championships out of the total 24 championships from 1967 to 2013.

Asian Junior Squash Team Championships:

  • Pakistan won 13 championships out of the total 17 championships from 1983 to 2015.

Asian Senior Squash Championships:

  • Pakistan won 14 championships out of the total 18 championships from 1981 to 2016.

South Asian Games:

  • 10th South Asian Federation Games 2006, Sri Lanka. Mansoor Zaman won Gold medal and Aamir Atlas won Silver medal in Individual Events. Pakistan won Gold Medal in Team Event as well.
  • 11th South Asian Games 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Aamir Atlas won one Gold medal and Farhan Mehboob won one Silver medal in the Individual Event
  • 12th South Asian Games, 2016, Guahatti (India).  Nasir Iqbal won Gold Medal whereas Farhan Zaman won Silver Medal in Men Individual Event.  Similarly, Maria Toor won Silver Medal and Sadia Gul won Bronze Medal in Women Individual Event.
  • Pakistan Team won Silver Medal in Men Team Championship.