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Welcome to the Pakistan Sailing Federation

Sailing activities in this part of the world are being conducted since 1932. The first yacht club known as Royal Karachi Yacht Club was established at Bunker Island Manora Karachi, which was solely managed and operated by British and expatriates till 1947.

In 1969, Pakistan Yachting Association (PYA) was formed by Rear Admiral M A K Lodhi, Capt Z U Chaudhry and Rody Hermes of the Karachi Yacht Club.  The Association was recognized by Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) when Mr Bahram D Avari and Capt (R) Munir Sadiq won the first Gold Medal in the 1978 Asian Games.

The name of PYA was changed to Pakistan Sailing Federation (PSAF) in 1996 and a permanent secretariat was established at National Sailing Centre in year 2000. As per the constitution Chief of the Naval is the “Patron in Chief” and Commander Karachi is the “Patron” of PSAF.

As per the Government policy and PSAF constitution, elections of the Federation are held after every four years to elect office bearers i.e. the President, Senior Vice President, 3 x Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and PRO.