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Winter Sports

Ski Federation of Pakistan

  1. To encourage, promote, develop, regulate and control the Ski and Winter sports in Pakistan.
  2. To follow and enforce the Rules and Regulations of International Ski Federation / Asian Ski Federation. To formulate local rules, when needed and ensure their implementation.
  3. To promote formation of affiliated Associations/Organizations.
  4. To coordinate and control activities in respect of skiing sport by all ways and means including the holding of tournaments, organizing of National Championships, Senior, Junior and Women under its own or under the auspices of any of its affiliated Member Units.
  5. To make arrangements for the training of skiers and provide coaching facilities.
  6. To raise funds for the purpose of the Federation and utilize the same in such a manner as may be considered desirable for the attainment of the aims and objects of the Federation.
  7. To take necessary steps towards resource generation for SFP.
  8. To select teams and officials to represent Pakistan in the Sports Programmes to be held within the country / abroad and to promote control and finance visits by national teams abroad.  To invite foreign skiers and teams to Pakistan.
  9. To create, standardize and regulate structures of Technical Delegates /officials /Referees / Judges / Umpires, Coaches and Administrators under Executive Committee of the Federation.
  10. To establish Training Camps and organize Promotional Programmes for expanding and raising standards of Skiing in Pakistan.
  11. To communicate with the Pakistan Olympic Association, Pakistan Sports Board, International Ski Federation, Asian Ski Federation and other Governmental Bodies when required.
  12. To take action against violence in sport and against any form of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, politics and sex etc.
  13. To ensure the observance of World Anti Doping Code of WADA approved by the IOC and fight against doping and use of substances and procedures prohibited by the IOC or the International Ski Federation (As and when services are available to implement the regulations).
  14. To encourage women participation in respective sport, create Women Associations / Women Wings at National and Provincial levels, and induct Women in the General Council / Executive Committee of the Federation with the strength as per POA's directive at national and provincial levels.
  15. To monitor discipline and arbitrate disputes in the Federation internally within the jurisdiction of SFP, it’s affiliated Member Units and when needed through PSB.
  16. To serve as the highest court of appeal for protests and other legal questions concerning national ski competitions and for all queries concerning SFP Rules and Regulations
  17. To create Athletes Commission consisting of active / retired Skiers or skiers having taken part in the Olympic Games. Their tenure on the commission shall be 12 years, thereafter, they shall not be eligible to seek extension in the period of their membership.
  18. To establish Medical and Scientific Commission for Anti - Doping and for improving performance of the Skiers / Athletes / Competitors (When Possible).
  19. To launch Youth Development Programs at grass-root levels.
  20. To improve administration and technical structures of the Federation and the Associations from National to the District levels (When required).
  21. To do all other acts and things as deemed to be necessary or conducive to carry out Aims, Objects and Role of the Federation.
  22. Ski Federations of Pakistan when seeking financial assistance from PSB shall follow the PSB constitution and Sports Policy of the Govt. in letter and spirit. They shall keep the relation harmonized with PSB.
  23. To draft and impose sanctions on members and individual skiers for activities in conflict with the constitution or interests of the SFP.
  24. To approve constitutions of members in accordance with the SFP constitution, rules and regulations.
  25. To ensure safe skiing and adopt protective measures against accidents.
  26. To organize and control national / international skiing competitions and tournaments in area of jurisdiction and to coordinate activities related to skiing including the programs and schedules of competitions and tournaments to be organized by the members during each year.