Official Partners


Pakistan Federation Baseball

  1. To promote, encourage and develop Pakistan Federation Baseball through out in country an especially where affiliate Federation or Organizations.
  2. To encourage the physical and moral qualities development which are the basis of our sport and their welfare, and in this way to build a peaceful nation.
  3. To promote the greatest boning and most fair and amicable cooperation between its members.
  4. To guar and protect the general interest of Baseball throughout the National and before such organization and institutions as may be required.
  5. The contribution to the realization of the aims laid down in the Olympic Charter/IRU.
  6. To govern and organize the Baseball competitions throughout the country.
  7. To carry out studies, investigations, promote, organize seminars, conference of technical and scientific nature for the improvement and development of Baseball throughout the country.
  8. To approve and record statistics results and in particular the Baseball recorders obtained in PFB officials competitions.
  9. To provide useful information and assistance the members requiring so an act as a Referee, at the request of the parties in such disputes and may arise between them.
  10. To promote, sponsor and, if needed found such bodies, as may be deemed necessary for the best development and functioning of Baseball throughout in the country.