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Ju Jitsu

Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation

  1. To organize, promote and control Ju-Jitsu as a sport in Pakistan.
  2. To promote the formation of affiliated associations.
  3. To coordinate activities in respect of the Ju-Jitsu in all ways including the holding of tournaments and organizing National and international competitions under the rules of international Ju-Jitsu Federation.
  4. To collect funds for the federation and employ the same in such a manner as may desirable for the objectives of the Federation.
  5. To Select the Teams and Official abroad for training / competitions.
  6. To promote and control the visit to Pakistan of foreign teams.
  7. To train and appoint coaches, Referee, and Judges, Managers, etc.
  8. To award certification, trophies etc. for performances. 
  9. To promote the mutual respect among affiliated organizations and their recognition, suspension and penalties.
  10. To purchase, lease, hires, or acquire movable or immovable property or right necessary or convenient for the purpose of the federation. 
  11. Generally to do all such other acts and things as may seem to the Federation Convenient / or conducive to the carrying on the objects of the Federation.