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Pakistan Boxing Federation

To promote and foster true amateur spirit and friendly rivalry among the affiliated associations in the sport of boxing.

  1. To maintain general control of boxing in Pakistan particularly with reference to the rules and regulations for the conduct of the game.
  2. To promote the formation of affiliated organizations.
  3. To coordinate activities in respect of boxing in all ways including the holding of Tournaments and organizing national and international competitions under the rules of A.I.B.A.
  4. To collect funds for the Federation and employ the same in a manner which is considered desirable for the objectives of the Federation.
  5. To select teams and officials to represent Pakistan, and to promote and control visits by such teams and officials abroad for training / competitions.
  6. To promote and control the visits of foreign teams. to Pakistan.
  7. To undertake all such acts which are convenient/ or conducive to carry out the objectives of the Federation. 
  8. To standardize and control Referring/ Judging though the Pakistan Amateur Boxing Referring/Judging Boars.
  9. To act as the channel of communication between the member organizations, POA, AIBA and FAAB.
  10. To certify to the POA and international boxing organizations the amateur status of the Pakistan representatives for all amateur national and international boxing competition.
  11. To promote mutual respect among affiliated associations in their relations and the reciprocal recognition of penalties and suspensions.
  12. To purchase, take lease of, or hire or acquire any moveable or immoveable property or rights necessary or convenient for the purpose of Pakistan Federation.