Aims, Objective and Role

 The aims, objective and role of the Pakistan Olympic Association shall be:

  1.  Foster, develop and propagate the fundamental principles of Olympism through educational programmes and initiate the youth to the values of the Olympic Movement.
  2. Ensure the observance of the Olympic Charter in Pakistan.
  3. Creation of institutions dedicated to Olympic education, such as a National Olympic Academy, an Olympic Museums and other programmes, including cultural, related to the Olympic Movement.
  4. To promote high performance sport as well as “sports for all” ensuring everyone has a chance to exercise sports and adopt the values of Olympism embracing the highest sports ethics, sportsman spirit and fair play.
  5. Ensure Gender Equality and capacity building of women to enable them to assume leadership roles within the NOC and its members.
  6. Institute measures for the prevention of harassment and abuse in sports and ensure all concerned have recourse to report and ask for the redress of grievances.
  7. To take action against any form of discrimination and violence in sports on grounds of race, religion, politics, sex or otherwise.
  8. Encourage, promote and assist/advise all stakeholders for the development of sports in Pakistan and the utilization of sports for development.
  9. Advocate and promote the use of sports for peace, development and preservation of the environment.
  10. Affiliate National Federations of games or sports recognized in the Olympic Movement, Associations, Other Associations and Services Organizations who will undertake to comply with instructions of POA/IOC/OCA failing which members and individuals belonging to Olympic Movement shall be liable to measures including but not limited to disbarment from Olympic Movement and or suspension.
  11. Raise funds for it’s functioning. However, POA shall not associate themselves with any activity, which would be in contradiction with the Olympic Charter and the decision of the IOC and ensure that its autonomy, transparency, good governance, dignity and independence in accordance with the Olympic Charter is not compromised.
  12. To arrange and encourage systematic training of sportsmen, coaches and sports administrators in Pakistan and assist them for training abroad.
  13. To hold or authorize and supervise the Multi Sports Games/Events on all Pakistan basis including National Games, Inter-Provincial Games, Beach Games and Youth Games etc. where the Games patronized by the POA shall be the exclusive property of POA.
  14. In compliance with the Olympic Charter the POA is obliged to participate in the Games of the Olympiad by sending athletes/competitors as directed by the IOC. It shall exercise the exclusive powers for the representation of Pakistan at the Olympic, Continental, Regional and Commonwealth Games or at other such competitions approved/patronized by IOC, OCA, SAOC and CGF etc. and shall be responsible for the behaviour of the members of its delegations at these Games.
  15. Ensure resolution of all disputes within the Olympic Movement in Pakistan through its Arbitration process.
  16. Take disciplinary action against any Member Unit for misbehavior of its athletes/officials or any undesirable activity bringing discredit to the country and sports or violating the Olympic Charter.
  17. Work to maintain harmonious and cooperative relations with appropriate governmental bodies in Pakistan. Nevertheless the POA shall preserve its autonomy and resist all pressures of any kind including those of a political, religious or economic nature that may prevent it from complying with the Olympic Charter.
  18. In order to fulfill its mission, the Pakistan Olympic Association may cooperate with governmental or non-governmental bodies. However, to retain autonomy and recognition of IOC, POA shall never associate itself with any activity, which would be in contradiction with the Olympic Charter and decisions of the IOC. The NOCs may also cooperate with non-governmental bodies.
  19. To adopt and implement the World Anti-Doping Code, thereby ensuring that the Pakistan Olympic Association’s anti-doping policies and rules, membership and / or funding requirements and results management procedures conform to the World Anti-Doping Code and respect all the roles and responsibilities for NOC’s that are listed within the World Anti-Doping Code.
  20. To encourage and support measures relating to the medical care and health of athletes.

To do all acts and things necessary and proper to carry out the purposes of the Pakistan Olympic Association.