Welcome to the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan

Equestrian Federation of Pakistan – EFP is a reputable National Federation (NF) of Pakistan responsible for promotion and development of equestrian sports at National as well as International levels.

Under the Pakistan Sports Board – PSB, One Department One Sport policy, EFP had been under the umbrella of Pakistan Army since its formation in 1980, PBG to be specific. In 2013, the EFP BoD decided to shift the HQ’s of EFP to Pakistan Rangers (Pb) excluding the equestrian sport of polo, which had always been under the umbrella of EFP but now under Pakistan Polo Association (PPA).

EFP is responsible for the promotion and development of the following equestrian disciplines and sports;

Olympic/FEI Disciplines:

1. Show Jumping
2. Dressage
3. Endurance
4. Eventing

ITPF Discipline:

1. Tent Pegging