Welcome to the Pakistan Handball Federation

Pakistan Handball Federation is the national governing body for the Sport of Handball in the Country. The Federation is affiliated with the following National and International bodies. 1. International Handball Federation (IHF), 2.Asian Handball Federation (AHF) 3. Commonwealth Handball Association (CHA) 4. South Asian Handball Federation (SAHF). 5.Pakistan Olympic Association(POA) 6. Pakistan Sports Board(PSB). At this moment the following units are affiliated with the Pakistan Handball Federation.

1.Army Sports Directorate 2.Higher Education Commission. 3.Police Sports Board. 4.Railway Sports Board. 5.Wapda Sports Board 6.Balochistan Handball Association. 7.KPK, Handball Association. 8.Punjab Handball Association. 9.Sindh Handball Association, 10. Islamabad Handball Association. 11. Pakistan Women Handball Association. 12.Handball Referees Association of Pakistan. 13. Athletes Commission.

After completing his study in Specialization Sports (special trainer Athletics)from Germany,Mr.Muhammad Shafiq introduced the game of Handball in Pakistan in 1984 at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, which is the hub of Handball in Pakistan. During 20th National Games,Faisalabad,1984 an exhibition match between National Athletics & Fitness Club and University of Agriculture, Faisalabad was played at Iqbal Satdium,Faisalabad. Since then, the game of Handball has been gradually developing and gaining popularity.

The Pakistan Handball Federation was formed in April,1985. Mr. Ahsan Alam and Mr. Muhammad Shafiq were elected as President and Secretary General of the Federation respectively.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) awarded the cup of honor to the Pakistan Handball Federation at Madrid,Spain,2007 and badge of merit in Gold to Mr. Muhammad Shafiq at Cairo,Egypt,2009 in recognition of the contribution at International level. Now Pakistan is is including in the leading Countries in Asia in Beach Handball and is the only country which has never come without winning medal from any Asian Beach Games since its inception .

At present Mr. Muhammad Shafiq and Mr. Javed Iqbal are the President and Secretary General of the Federation respectively. Syed Muhammad Abid Qadri has also served as President of the Pakistan Handball Federation from 2004-2012.

International Achievements

Asian Beach Handball Championship,Muscat,Oman,2004 Bronze
Asian Beach Handball Championship,Bandar Abbas, Iran, 2007. Gold
1st Asian Beach Games , Bali, Indonesia, 2008. Gold
3rd World Beach Handball Championship , Cadiz, Spain,2008. 10th position.
World Games,Kohsiung,Chines Tai Pei,2009.
And Mr. Tahir Ali was declared the best goalkeeper of the World Games.
6th Place
11th South Asian Games, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2010 Gold
IHF,Asia continental under 21 years Trophy, Channei, India,2011 Silver
3rd Asian Beach Games, Haying, China, 2012. Bronze
4th Asian Beach Games, Phukhet, Thailand,2014. Bronze
IHF,South & central Asia Trophy,Faisalabad,Pakistan,2014 Men Gold & Women Silver
South Asian Games,Guwhati,India,2016 Men silver & women Bronze
Asian Youth Beach Handball Championship,Pattya,Thailand,2016.
And qualified for World Youth Beach Handball championship,2017.
5th Asian Beach Games,Danang,Vietnam,2016. Bronze
International Beach Handball Championship,Dubai,UAE,2017. Silver


The Pakistan Handball Federation will not forget the services of the following personalities who are not with us at this time but they contributed for the cause of Handball as founder members

1. Mina Muhammad Naqi Butt,former Secretary General,Pakistan Olympic Association

2. Ch.Muhammad Saleem Akhtar, Former Treasurer and Secretary General,Pakistan Handball Federation.

3. Mrt.Muhammad Faheem,former Secretary General,Pakistan Handball Federation

4. Ch.Abdud Rashid, Chacha, Former Director Sports, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

5. Syed Abul Hassan, Former Vice President, Pakistan Handball Federation and Secretary General, Asian Handball Federation.