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From the times immemorial, development of manly and warlike skills has been the object of certain forms of sports and the same were part of training of all youngmen among different nations, and those trained in these sports were considered as worriers. Games provide not only an emotional outlet to a number of people but also rid the participants of animal spirits and excess emotions through a process known in psychology as "sublimation of instincts". Also there is no better activity than sports for the character building of a nation.

All the sports which are in existence in the world have the same objectives i.e. recreation and harmonious development of the individual. Several sports were introduced in different times. Some of these have their own peculiarity and individuality 'Kabaddi' tops in all sports and is very popular in the sub- continent. There is no other such sport except Kabaddi. ••• which uses the individual and the collective potentialities of man. Kabaddi develops a strong physique, determination and sense of responsibility This is probably the most economical means of keeping an individual hale and healthy, because Kabaddi does not require any costly equipment; only a small piece of ordinary Jury cloth known is loin lined an underwear is the total requirement of a Kabaddi player.

Every sport has a source in a region or a country. Kabaddi originated from the Pak-Hind sub-continent. It is difficult to say who was the discoverer or when it started. but it has a very deep root in the ancient time. Whenever there was a fight between two opposing sides, one young man from each side came-forth to display his force and attacked his opponent. The other used all his power and skill to defend himself. 'kill' or 'die' was the criteria of his success. In this way, every young man from each side carne-forward for the fight or the competition and it ended in defeat or victory It is a matter of great interest to know that Kabaddi started from the rural areas. This is because of the fact that majority of the population still lives in the villages. The life of villagers is very simple and they enjoy ample opportunities of recreation as compared with the people living in cities. So the villagers enjoy a great deal by playing Kabaddi and get recreation The second main cause for its popularity is its economical equipment.

The basis of Kabaddi lies in attacking and defending as well as overcoming the opponent. Kabaddi in the present times engulfs these potentialities. It is a sport of the youngmen. The power, speed, stamina, vigor, wrestling. weightlifting, strength, skill, agility, physical and mental alertness are the main requisite qualities of a player A Kabaddi player must possess good physique and health, energy, balance of power and an alert mind and body. Kabaddi is a traditional sport and cultural heritage of the people of Pakistan. It is played in hot countries of Asia but it is very popular in Pak-Hind Sub-continent. The style of the game varies a little in some countries but it is liked and appreciated by the people in general. It is known by different names in the regional languages. In Pakistan and India, it is known as 'kabaddi' or 'kaudi', in Srilanka it is known as 'Guddo', in Indonesia.

Asian & Beach Styles Kabaddi Achiement:

This style of game introduced in Pakistan in 1985 Pakistan participate in the below mentioned competitions:

1 South Asian Games 1985 Dhaka (Bangladesh) Bronze
2 South Asian Games 1987 Calcutta (India) Bronze
3 South Asian Games 1989 Islamabad (Pakistan) Silver
4 Asian Games 1990 Beijing (China) Bronze
5 South Asian Games 1993 Dhaka (Bangladesh) Gold
6 World Championship 1993 Birmingham (UK) Gold
7 Asian Games 1994 Hero Shima (Japan) Bronze
8 South Asian Games 1995 Madras (India) Bronze
9 Asian Games 1998 Bangkok (Thailand) Silver
10 South Asian Games 1999 Nepal Silver
11 Asian Games 2002 Bussan Bronze
12 South Asian Games 2004 Islamabad (Pakistan) Silver
13 Asian Games 2006 Doha Silver
14 South Asian Games 2006 Colombo (Sri Lanka) Silver
15 Indoor Games 2007 Macao Silver
16 Beach Asian Games 2008 Bali (Indonesia) Silver
17 16th Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou (China) Bronze
18 2nd Asian Beach Games 2010 Oman Muscat Silver
19 11th SAF Games 2010 Dhaka (Banglasdesh) Silver
20 2nd International Beach Championship 2011 Islamabad (Pakistan) Gold
21 1st SAF Beach Games 2011 Hambantota (Sri Lanka) Gold
22 3rd Asian Beach Games 2012 Haiyang (China) Silver
23 17th Asian Games 2014 Incheon (Korea) Bronze
24 04th Asian Beach Games 2014 Phuket (Thailand) Silver


This style of game introduced in Pakistan in 1956 Pakistan participate in the below mentioned competitions

1 Pak Vs India Kabaddi Series 1956 India Gold
2 Canada Kabaddi Cup 1981 Canada Silver
3 Pak Vs India Kabaddi Series 1982 Lahore, Pakistan Gold
4 Pak Vs India Kabaddi Series 1983 Lahore, Pakistan Silver
5 Pak Vs India Kabaddi Series 1984 Lahore, Pakistan Gold
6 Prime Minister International Gold Cup 1997 Pakistan Gold
7 Pak Vs India Kabaddi Series 1998 India Silver
8 Prime Minister International Gold Cup 1999 Pakistan Gold
9 Pak Vs India Kabaddi Series 2002 India Silver
10 Indo-Pak Games 2004 Patyala, India Silver
11 Takkar Kabaddi Series 2008 Pakistan afaadsfadf
12 Pak Vs India Kabaddi Series 2009 India Silver
13 International Kabaddi Tournament 2009 Kharian, Pakistan Gold
14 1st Kabaddi World Cup 2010 India Silver
15 2nd Kabaddi World Cup 2011 India Silver
16 1st Asian Kabaddi Championship 2011 Iran Silver
17 2nd Asia Kabaddi Cup 2012 Lahore Gold
18 3rd Kabaddi World Cup 2012 India Bronze
19 4th Kabaddi World Cup 2013 India Silver
20 Kabaddi Premier League 2013 Dubai Gold
21 International Kabaddi Cup 2013 UK Bronze
22 37th International Kabaddi Championship 2014 POF Wah Gold
23 5th Kabaddi World Cup 2014 India Silver