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Govt Says yes to POA headed by Gen Arif Back To Main


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Islamabad: The government has finally given the go ahead to the concerned authorities to accept all demands of the International Olympic Committees, saying it honours Lt General (r) Arif Hasan as the only and genuine head of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA).

Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Mian Riaz Hussain peerzada while taking to "The News" said following successful negotiations with the IOC in lausanne (Switzerland) last month, the government has decided to honour all international binding in letter and spirit.

I have approved the finding. According to the joint declaration of the IOC and the Government of Pakistan, General Arif has been declared as the genuine head of the POA. I have signed the letter and hopefully will announce all these things for media consumption in a few days," he said.

He Said since Arif had a couple of years left as the POA head, the government has decided to back him adn keep entire liaison with POA headed by him and keep entire liaison with tha POA headed by him.

"I Admit here that I was misguided by the former director gerernal of Pakistan Sports Board and former IPC secretary on Crucial matters.

"But now with the help of the incumbent - who are wiser, Positive and know how to earn respect for the nation - we have decided to go with the international body inthe best interest of Pakistan."

The minister said that according to the IOC requirements, letter have been dispatched to the concerned authorities to help vacate the Olympic House and releas the POA accounts.

Meanwhile, "The News' Has learnt that accordin to the IOC-government deal, all genuine and internationally recognised federation would be suggested to voluntarily adopt the three-tenure restriction for smooth function of the respective bodies.

"Only Ferderations (not POA) would be asked to voluntarily adopt the three tern policy. However, if will not be binding on them to adopt this policy. A policy is just a policy which can be amended considering the wider interest of the country." said an IPC official who requested not to be named.

"Like it is the government policy not to transfer a government servant prior to the completion of three years on a particular post. But in the broader interest every now and than the governement has to make adjustments."

The IPC has called Major Gerneral (r) Akram Sahi and told him of the government decision to honour General Arif as the POA head in future.