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Reacting to the substance published in the daily Nai Baat on 12 January, 2016 about the elections of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), and appointment of the Chairman Election Commission of POA, it is clarified for all concerned that what has been reported in the said newspaper is all concoction and disinformation having no relevance to the factual position. The fact remains that POA is following strictly provisions of its Constitution duly approved by the IOC and instructions of IOC about the conduct of fair and transparent elections on 23 January, 2016. The replacement of the chairman was necessitated due to non-availability of Mr. Ehsan Mani because of his pressing personal commitments abroad, and proper procedure was followed to seek consent of the affiliated units of POA in this regard.

Necessary approval of the IOC was also obtained. By the given timeline of 11 January, 2016 the affiliated units with the voting weightage of 101.5 out 126 total strength have confirmed in writing their agreement to the appointment of Justice (Retd) Qazi Ehsaan Ullah Qureshi as Chairman of the Election Commission of POA whereas none of the member unit disagree to this proposal.

i. Both the President and Secretary of the NOC Pakistan (100%)                      2 x Votes
ii. IOC Member in Pakistan (No reply)
iii. 21 out of 25 Olympic Sports Federations duly recognised by IFs (84%)          63 x Votes
iv. 8 out of 9 Non Olympic Sports Federations duly recognised by IFs (89%)      16 x Votes
v. 5 out of 7 affiliated Services units and Departments (71%)                           5 x Votes
vi. 3 out of 4 Provincial Olympic Associations (75%)                                         3 x Votes
vii. Athlete Commission (100%)                                                                    2 x Votes
viii. 1 out of 2 Other Associations (50%)                                                      0.5 x Vote
ix. 5 out of 5 Lady Members (80%)                                                                5 x Votes
x. 5 out of 11 Individual Members (45%)                                                      5 x Votes
                                                                                                     Total       101.5 Votes

We would urge the media to please verify the facts before issuing any report on the election of POA and kindly avoid speculations and disinformation.
Best regards,

Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
Secretary General, POA