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LAHORE, Apr 08 (APP):The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) celebrated the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace (IDSDP) in recognition of the first Olympiad of modern era, held in 1896, and the efforts for and of peace by the Olympic Movement, led by the IOC that aim to foster peace across the world through athletes.

This day is, indeed, a tribute to the founders of Olympic Movement, who believed in power of sports as an instrument of friendship and harmony, said POA President Lt-Gen (retd) Syed Arif Hasan, here on Monday.

“Over last century, the Olympic Movement has evolved into a global phenomenon connecting people representing diverse cultures to harness equality, tolerance and non-discrimination using the platform of Olympic Games.

The day marks recognition by the UN of Olympism and sports for bringing together the athletes, officials and leaders of sports at a single platform to celebrate sports,” said the POA chief.

He said the the slogan and symbol of April the sixth is a tribute to the founders of Olympic Movement and disseminates message of respect and friendship.
The POA organised a special ceremony here at the Olympic House by assembling the delegates of four provinces, who were part of the Games and the audience displayed White Cards to demonstrate the importance of Peace through Sports.

“The NOC Pakistan shares the vision of IOC & UN to promote solidarity and peace in collaboration with the people and Government of Pakistan who have sacrificed a lot to attain a peaceful environment and to pave a way for the national youth to showcase their talent in the field of sports,” said Gen (retd) Arif Hasan.
The POA president, who shared the vision of the IOC for promotion of peace through the Olympic Movement and wished all the participants a great success in future stressing the potential of our youth to make the society better and peaceful throughout the region.

He remarked that huge participation in the event expresses the commitment of the youngsters for peace and harmony. The event is global and the message is global and the world needs peace and friendship for prosperity, he concluded.