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Subject:               Olympic Scholarship for Athletes “Paris 2024”

Dear Madam/ Sir,

1.            I am pleased to inform that, as per Tokyo 2020, IOC has offered Olympic Scholarship to assist elite athletes selected and proposed by their respective National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in their preparation and qualification for the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, Paris 2024, with a particular focus on athletes and NOCs with the greatest needs.

2.            Only athletes with the following profile may be put forward by their NOC as scholarship candidates:

       i.          Olympic sport: athletes practising an individual sport included on the programme of the Olympic Games Paris 2024 at international level.

      ii.          Minimum technical level: athletes with the technical level to be able to qualify for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Proof of the athlete’s technical sports level must be shown through results obtained at international competitions, recognised by the International Federations.

     iii.          Access to training funds: athletes to whom a scholarship will make a significant difference to their training, and who do not have access to alternative means of paying for their preparation.

     iv.          Ethics: athletes who have not been convicted of a doping offence or sanctioned for actions contrary to the standards of sporting ethics as established by the Olympic Charter, the IOC or the NOC.

3.            The Individual scholarships give NOCs the possibility to obtain financial and technical assistance for a limited number of elite athletes who are training, and attempting to qualify for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. The scholarship offers selected athletes a fixed monthly grant for their training and qualification costs that may contribute to the following items:

       i.          Access to appropriate training facilities
      ii.          A coach specialised in the relevant sporting discipline
     iii.          Regular medical and scientific assistance and monitoring
     iv.          Accident and illness insurance since medical interventions are not covered by Olympic Solidarity
      v.          Board and lodging costs
     vi.          Pocket money (amount to be established with the NOC)
   vii.          Travel costs for the athlete to participate in competitions, including Olympic qualification event

4.            In its decision to allocate an Olympic scholarship, Olympic Solidarity will strive to ascertain the optimum training environment for each athlete. Olympic Solidarity’s decision as to whether athletes will train in their home country or abroad in a high-level training centre will be exclusively focused upon the needs of the athlete and the requirements of his/her sport. The principal partners in this decision process will be the NOC and training centres. Two training options exist:

       i.          Training centre option

a.      Olympic Solidarity will assist certain scholarship holders to train in an international high-level training centre with which Olympic Solidarity has a service agreement for this programme. The agreements should enable athletes to access training in most of the popular sports. There are three options available:

b.      Partner NOCs: Olympic Solidarity has agreements with a number of NOCs which have a well-developed training structures to place athletes in their high-performance training centre network.

c.      Partner IFs: Olympic Solidarity has agreements with a number of International Federations to place athletes in their training centre network.

d.      Individual training centres: Olympic Solidarity has entered into a limited number of service agreements with specialised training centres.

      ii.          NOC training option

            Olympic Solidarity recognises that a majority of athletes are training in an environment in which they feel comfortable and which offers all the necessary  facilities. This environment is normally in their national territory; however, in some particular circumstances, it could be in an independent training centre overseas that is not part of the training centre network noted above.

5.            Foregoing above, it is requested to please send the nomination of suitable candidate(s) (as per Para 2 above), with gender balance, on the attached Application Form latest by 20 October 2021. Copy of the guidelines of the subject Program is also attached for your kind perusal please.

Best regards,

Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
Secretary General POA

Application form - Paris 2024 - Individual
Olympic Scholarships for Athletes - Paris 2024.pdf