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The Secretary Generals
National Sports Federations
Affiliated with POA

Dear Madam/ Sir,

The world of sport and the integrity of sporting bodies are increasingly confronted to ethical problems at every level so it is essential to develop a coherent, professional response to these issues. Six renowned universities specialised in sport policies, governance and ethics have started an international collaboration to finally establish Sports Ethics and Integrity as a new, internationally recognised profession within the field of sports administration and governance in both public and private sectors through the Master’s degree MA in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI) – (Brochure

In support of this idea, through the Olympic Solidarity ACT programme available to all NOCs, the IOC would like to offer the possibility for a limited number of Olympians to participate in this two-year Masters’ degree.

Olympic Solidarity will cover the tuition fees, accommodation, travel fees and student allowance for the entire duration of the studies for the selected candidates worldwide.

Please note that Olympians are invited to apply directed to the KU Leuven University on the link given below:

The inscription fee is EUR 75 and will be reimbursed by OS only if the candidate obtains a scholarship. They would need to submit their CV, the Certified English test for non-native English speakers (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge) and the copy of the bachelor’s degree. 15 March 2022 is Final deadline (exclusively extended for Olympians) to submit applications to KU Leuven admission page. The KU Leuven university is entirely responsible of the selection process on behalf of the MAiSI consortium.

Once KU Leuven selects the Olympians, Olympic Solidarity will be informed and a final analysis and approval will be made together with the Master MAiSI Director. After confirmation of the final list, IOC OS will invite their correspondent NOCs to send the Olympian’s application for the scholarship. Upon receipt and approval of the OS scholarships, KU Leuven will be able to start the logistics and travel coordination directly with the selected Olympians to start their studies in September 2022.

You are hereby requested to please share this information/ opportunity with your Olympians apply for the subject program within the given timeline.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,


Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
Secretary General
Pakistan Olympic Association