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Press Release - OCA / POA Educational Workshop for Top Athletes, 04 March 2023 – Lahore Back To Main


Dear Friends,

We are delighted to inform that the Athletes Commission of Pakistan Olympic Association in collaboration with Pakistan Olympic Association and under the auspices of the Olympic Council of Asia organized an Educational Workshop for Athletes  on 04 March 2023.

The workshop is in follow up of previous sessions aiming to interact and educate national athletes providing the athletes with a chance to learn by sharing their experiences and learning from leading experts of the respective fields.

Athletes from across Pakistan and from Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Gymnastics, Handball, Kabaddi, Rugby, Sailing, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Winter Sports and Wushu participated in the Workshop.

Dr. Meesaq Rizvi, Olympian (IOC Certification in Sports Nutrition) gave a lecture on Sports Nutrition, Maj (R) Dr. Lubna Sibtain, (IOC Certification in Sports Physician) on Doping Controls, Dr. Syed Asad Abbas Shah, (Member OCA Medical Committee) on Prevention from Injuries in Sports, Mr. Zia ud Din Khan Burki (Ph.D. Scholar) on Sports Psychology, Mr. Muhammad Atif Shafiq (PhD Scholar, Lecturer GCU Lahore) on Manipulation in Sports and Mr. Hamdan Nazir (MEMOSIAN, President Pakistan Rowing Federation) on Awareness of and Protection against Abuse and Harassment in Sports.  

POA shall continue in its endeavor to educate athletes and promotion of educational value of sports.

With our best regards,


Muhammad Khalid Mahmood                                                                      Muhammad Inam
      Secretary General                                                                                              Chairman
Pakistan Olympic Association                                                                POA Athletes Commission