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Dear Media Friends,

After arrival at Hangzhou at the first training session on 27th September 2023, Mr. Arshad Nadeem revealed and complained to Dr. Asad Abbas who was accompanying him that he has been grappling with persistent pain for several months, a concern that has become particularly pressing in the aftermath of the World Athletics Championship. On 2nd October he again complained of pain in the right knee and expressed a desire to undergo an evaluation to determine the impact on his ability to participate in the Javelin Throw event at the Asian Games.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Pakistan Contingent recommended a comprehensive check-up. Mr. Arshad Nadeem underwent a thorough medical examination, including a non-invasive test i.e. MRI at a local hospital here in Hangzhou. The MRI revealed a chronic injury which he has been carrying. After consulting the medical personnel, Mr. Arshad Nadeem has now decided not to participate in the Asian Games in order to prevent any untoward situation that may hinder his training program and participation in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Best Regards,

Chef de Mission
Pakistan Contingent
19th Asian Games Hangzhou