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Rebuttal of Misleading Article Published Regarding Age Limit and Elections of Pakistan Olympic Association Back To Main


Dear Media Friends,

It is stated for the information of all that no constitutional amendment has been made to extend the tenure of POA officials nor has there been any change in the retirement age of office bearers of POA which was introduced in the POA Constitution in 2019 by General Council itself.

In a decisive move in 2022, the POA's General Council unanimously agreed to adjust the electoral cycle to align with the Olympic Games, as stipulated in Article IX of the POA Constitution. Consequently, after the Paris 2024 Olympics, POA will hold the Elective General Council as per the decision confirmed unanimously in two separate General Council meetings of POA. The most recent Electoral Assembly elected officials for a term ending in 2024, contrary to the article's claim of 2023.

This has been a unanimous decision of all stakeholders, including National Sports Federations (NSFs), Provincial Olympic Associations, Service Organizations, and Departments, to hold elections after the Olympic Games in line with Article IX of the POA Constitution. It was taken in 2022 and approved by IOC in June 2023.

The recent modifications to the POA Constitution align with the IOC's Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance. These amendments include a reduction of the Executive Committee's size from 32 to 22 members. Additionally, it has been proposed that candidates for the POA Elections must be under the age of 71 at the time of their candidacy. This age limit ensures that elected officials can serve a full four-year term, thereby completing an entire Olympic Cycle.

POA has also introduced a new framework to support National Sports Federations (NSFs) in promoting Olympic Values through their sports. This framework encompasses a comprehensive Code of Ethics and streamlined operational policies.

Consequently, the allegations suggesting that POA officials have amended the Constitution to prolong their terms or to create additional opportunities for election participation are both unfounded and misleading.

Best regards,

Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
Secretary General POA