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Dear Media Friends,

The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) carried forward the momentum of its “POA Integrity Workshop: Fair Play and Beyond” with a robust second day, filled with stimulating sessions and insightful discussions designed to strengthen the integrity and welfare of athletes, coaches, and officials.

The day kicked off with opening remarks from Mr. Muhammad Inam, Chairman of the POA Athletes Commission. Mr. Inam urged athletes to maximize their learning opportunities, highlighting the session’s critical role in addressing the deep-seated questions and challenges athletes commonly encounter.

The first session featured an engaging lecture by Ms. Rida Ahmed from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the Prevention of Competition Manipulation. Ms. Rida Ahmed shared her deep expertise on safeguarding the purity and fairness of sports, and the risks of manipulation and match fixing, engaging her audience with practical strategies and a comprehensive knowledge base. The session was not only educational but also interactive, incorporating quizzes and activities to reinforce key concepts. Enthusiastic participation led to the distribution of prizes, which cultivated a spirit of camaraderie and collaborative learning.

Later in the day, Mr. Hamdan Nazir, MEMOSIAN and President of the Pakistan Rowing Federation, led a vital session on Athlete Safeguarding from Harassment and Abuse. Mr. Hamdan passionately discussed the critical importance of creating a secure and supportive environment for athletes, emphasizing the prevention and addressing of harassment and abuse. Participants left empowered with valuable insights on protecting athlete welfare within their realms of influence.

A dynamic panel discussion featuring all experts concluded the day’s events, promoting an engaging exchange on topics central to integrity, fair play, and athlete welfare.

Yesterday’s session addressed anti-doping, featuring Dr. Meesaq Rizvi and Dr. Asad Abbass Shah, with Dr. Qurratulain from the Pakistan Sports Board. This interactive session included a practical demonstration on sample collection, enhancing athlete understanding of anti-doping procedures.

The event was also live-streamed on the NOC Pakistan Facebook page, expanding its reach to those unable to attend in person and further broadening its impact.

As the eventful day concluded, Muhammad Khalid Mahmood, Secretary General POA, expressed his gratitude towards the participants for their active engagement and dedication to upholding integrity and fair play. He also emphasized the importance of their roles in shaping the future of sportsmanship and excellence.

The “POA Integrity Workshop: Fair Play and Beyond” exemplifies the POA’s commitment to fostering a culture of integrity, transparency, and respect within Pakistan's sporting community, especially as it prepares for the upcoming Olympic Games and beyond.

Thanks to the International Olympic Committee for deputing Miss Rida Ahmed for this very important workshop which will go a long way in strengthening fair play.


Best regards,

Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
Secretary General
NOC Pakistan / Pakistan Olympic Association