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TOKYO: Japanese wrestling queen Saori Yoshida’s bid for a third straight Olympic gold and a place in history has taken a big knock with the end of her 58-match winning streak just weeks ahead of the London Games. Yoshida lost 2-1 to Valeria Zholobova in the 55kg bout of the Japan-Russia final at the women’s World Cup in Tokyo on Sunday.The 29-year-old fought back tears after her surprise loss, which did not prevent Japan from beating Russia 5-2 to win the team title for the first time in six years. “All I have done will mean nothing if I don’t achieve a three-peat in London,” Yoshida told Japanese media. “I want to turn these tears into tears of joy in London and I want to finish with a smile on my face.”Her last loss came months before the Beijing Olympics, but she bounced back to defend her title.