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Syed Khalid Mahmood

KARACHI: Five seeded cueists tasted defeats on the fifth day of league matches in the Jubilee Insurance 3rd Ranking Snooker Championship 2012 here at the Karachi Gymkhana’s Snooker Hall on Saturday.

The losing seeded cueists were Asjad Iqbal, Sultan Mohammad, Mohammad Sajjad, Naveen Kumar Perwani and Vishan Gir.

Three other seeds, Mohammad Asif, Abdul Sattar and Mohammad Majid, managed to overpower their respective opponents, however.

The unseeded trio of Shehram Changezi, Khurram Hussain Agha and Sharjeel Mahmood remained undefeated for the fifth day running.

Khurram Agha and Abdul Sattar also stole the limelight for their breaks of 134 and 105, respectively.

The league matches will continue for two more days as all the participating cueists, divided equally in four groups, will be playing a total of seven games before the knockout phase starting with the quarter-finals on Tuesday.

The seeded cueists, after their indifferent performances in the earlier part of the competition, must lift their game considerably in the remaining two league matches in order to stay afloat.

Top seeded Mohammad Asif may struggle to reach the last eight from Group A because he has lost two of his five games with eighth seed Mohammad Majid and unseeded Umair Alam, having dropped just one match each, standing a better chance to make the cut.

Unseeded Shehram Changezi has become the favourite to clinch a spot from Group B after winning his first five games while second seed Asjad Iqbal faces stiff challenge from seventh seed Vishan Gir and unseeded Shahid Aftab.

Third seed Sultan Mohammad leads the pack in Group C with just one defeat in five outings. Sixth seed Abdul Sattar has jeopardised his chances by losing two of his matches whereas unseeded Sohail Shahzad has suffered only one loss in five games.

Defending champion Imran Shahzad has slim hopes of making the quarters after losing two matches.

The seeded duo of Mohammad Sajjad and Naveen Perwani in Group D face elimination because of the powerful performance from Khurram Agha and Sharjeel Mahmood, both of whom have won all their five matches.

Results: Bilawal Agha (Sindh) bt Farrukh Usman Brohi (Sindh) 4-2 (19-87, 65-23, 56-26, 21-61, 50-39, 72-41); Imran Shahzad (Pjb) bt Shah Khan (KPK) 4-1 (76-15, 9-70, 72-38, 64-29, 84-4); Mohammad Yousuf (Pjb) bt Mohammad Afzal (Pjb) 4-2 (49-67, 53-74, 57-31, 92-2, 56-26, 73-20); Abu Saim (Pjb) bt Farhan Noor (Pjb) 4-3 (63-34, 16-68, 65-34, 24-81, 25-57, 60-15, 54-25); Mohammad Majid Ali (Pjb) bt Mohammad Nazir (Pjb) 4-3 (55-68, 63-21, 62-41, 16-73, 16-62, 54-27, 67-40); Shahid Aftab (Pjb) bt Vishan Gir (Sindh) 4-1 (91-15, 43-52, 69-49, 63-18, 69-24); Abdul Sattar (Sindh) bt Mohammad Imran (Pjb) 4-2 (46-6, 51-61, 63-4, 105-0(105), 17-76, 39-12) Khurram Hussain Agha (Sindh) bt Naveen Kumar Perwani (Sindh) 4-0 (135-0, 83-27, 115-0, 61-38) Mohammad Asif (Pjb) bt Mohammad Javed (Pjb) 4-0 (66-26, 74-47, 68-8, 63-30); Shehram Changezi (Isb) bt Asjad Iqbal (Pjb) 4-2 (63-22, 0-68, 15-58, 51-37, 90-25, 78-5); Sharjeel Mahmood (KPK) bt Mohammad Sajjad (Pjb) 4-2 (27-71, 63-44, 64-22, 65-35, 7-64, 62-59); Sohail Shahzad (Sindh) bt Sultan Mohammad (Sindh) 4-2 (20-70, 63-36, 47-76, 63-45, 61-22, 61-6).