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Alam Zeb Safi Sunday, January 20, 2013
KARACHI: Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has surprisingly decided against mentioning anything in the minutes of its Board meeting
held on January 8 in Islamabad about the real decision that was taken there.
In the meeting, it was decided that a seven-member ad-hoc committee would hold the elections of the Pakistan Olympic Association
(POA) and provincial Olympic associations besides looking after the day-to-day business of sports in the country but nothing like this
has been mentioned in the minutes, a copy of which is available with this correspondent.
It seems that the government has gone on its back foot. Well-placed sources admitted that the minutes of the Board meeting have
not mentioned anything about the core issue and the real facts have not been disclosed.
But sources said that some of the details of the minutes have been withheld and are likely to be released on Monday (tomorrow).
They suspect that may be due to fear of international sports governing body (IOC), violation of court orders or due to political pressure
the Board might not have disclosed anything about it.
The Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination has been repeatedly claiming through various media reports that they would follow the
Supreme Court order and would implement the national sports policy but practically it has always shown reluctance to take any solid
The IOC has invited both the POA and the government on February 15 in its headquarters in Lausanne to discuss the real conflict
between the two sports governing bodies in Pakistan before taking any decision.
A source very close to the whole affair revealed that in the reign of the current federal minister for IPC Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani nothing
concrete would be done and the government would not go for implementing the national sports policy as the minister is close friend
of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) President and the PML (Q) leader Faisal Saleh Hayat. The source said the new secretary of
the IPC also does not know anything about sports and it seems that nothing would happen in near future.
Meanwhile, it has been mentioned in the minutes that the 32nd National Games would be re-organised as most of the athletes
could not take part in the already conducted event in Lahore under the umbrella of the POA. The minutes of the meeting also said
that an organising body for holding National Games, which they call as ‘national event’, will be finalized in due course of time.
“The Board in principle approved the adoption of Model Constitution by all national sports federations with the salient features placed
before the Board. It was, however, decided that a copy of the proposed constitution would be provided to the federations to enable
them to examine the documents in detail so as to ensure that the constitution was not in conflict with the principles of their respective
international sports federations,” the minutes also said.
‘The News’ tried to contact top officials of the IPC and the PSB but they were not attending the calls.