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President of the Pakistan Olympic Association, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan, HI(M) addressing a press conference here on Tuesday afternoon at a local hotel following the General Body meeting of the POA, declared that “the announcement of the interim body by the defeated elements is an absolutely illegal action which would have its repercussions.

“While the POA wants reconciliation with the disgruntled, defeated minority, for which a Reconciliation Committee has been formed with the approval of the General Council. Yet the House was unanimous in its resolve that nobody shall be allowed to trespass or violate the POA’s or National Federations’ constitutions or muscle its way through by browbeating the majority.

“The POA shall present its case to the IOC on February 15 at Lausanne and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the mala fide intent of those who were defeated.

The house reposed its full confidence in the President POA, Lt Gen Retired Syed Arif Hasan and authorized him to represent the case of Pakistan Olympic Association in the meeting of IOC on 15 February, 2013 at Lausanne.

“The interpretation of higher judiciary verdicts being done by these people was self-serving and wrong.”

The General Council meeting, the third in a year including the one dedicated to elections on February 4, 2012, was yet another overwhelming vote of confidence in the current POA dispensation. In fact, the numbers clearly reflect that the approval rating of the Gen. Arif led POA has actually soared. On Feb 4, 2012, Gen. Arif had polled 48.5 votes; in the General Council meeting of October 15, 2012 was attended by 63 delegates from the affiliates. This number had a further jump in this latest General Council meeting on Feb 12, 2013 to 72 in a house of 103 – which means a clear two-thirds majority of the affiliates considers the present dispensation as legitimate representative of the National Federations and affiliated members.

When Gen. Arif addressed the press conference, the leading National Federations’ presidents flanked him on the main table, while all delegates stayed over for interaction with the press and electronic media contingent over the luncheon.

All delegates were seated in a rectangle with all seats appropriately designated and tagged, and the proceedings recorded.

Not only that, the General Council was in a punitive mood: “The affiliation of National Federations of Athletics and Netball with the POA stand suspended, and the international federations of these sports are being apprised about the conduct unbecoming of its office-bearers which are in violation of the IOC’s Olympic Charter and the POA’s constitution.  

“Similarly, through its actions the Islamabad Olympic Association has disaffiliated itself from the POA – which status the General Council approved and accepted”.

The members and chairman of so called Interim Committee constituted by the decedent group of POA were banned unanimously by the house to hold any office/appointment in any sport organization or represent the country in any international competitions for a period of ten (10) years being violative of POA Constitution and the IOC Charter.

Giving the background of altercation with the PSB, the POA President said: “The IOC basically has three objections to the PSB’s powers under the National Sports Policy 2005, because these are not in line with the Olympic Charter and also contravene IOC clauses. One, the prerogative to amend, annul or repeal the constitution of any National Federation. Two, to change the office-bearers of any National Federation at will. Three, the four-year tenure being mandatory in the National Sports Policy: where the IOC holds that the primacy in this regard too shall lie with National Federations’ constitutions.”

Archery granted affiliation

“The National Federation of Archery has been granted affiliation after the approval of the General Council”, said Gen. Arif, to a question, adding: “Snooker too would be considered by the POA’s Affiliation Committee as soon as it fulfills the laid down criteria, the process for which is underway.”

Rida Mitha rewarded

Rida Mitha, who was declared the Best Athlete following the 32nd National Games 2012, was rewarded Rs50,000/-. The cheque was presented to her by Gen. Arif Hasan with the entire House applauding. Rida Mitha had won eight gold medals in National Games 2012. On behalf of the athlete, Mrs Veena Masud thanked the POA for the gesture of acknowledging the Best Athlete of the National Games.

Attendance Sheet - POA GCM - 12-02-2013