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Executive Committee Meeting of Baseball Federation of Asia was held from July 27 – 30, 2013 in Evergreen Hotel Taipei City Chinese Taipei.

Following Executive Members were attend the meeting:

1.       Mr. Tom Peng                                             President (Chinese Taipei)

2.       Mr. Suzuki Yoshinobu                               V-President (Japan)

3.       Ms. Shen Wei                                            V-President (China)

4.       Mr. Lin Hua-Wei                                         Secretary General (Chinese Taipei)

5.       Mr. Syed Khawar Shah                             Executive Director West Asia (Pakistan)

6.       Mr. Hector Thomas Navasero                Member at Large (Philippines)

7.       Mr. Allan Mak Nin Fung                            Member at Large (Hong Kong)

8.       Mr. Vutichai Udomkarnjananan             Member at Large (Thailand)

9.       Mr. Howard Tsai                                        Director International Affairs


The house approved the following Baseball Championships:

1.       11th West Asia Baseball Cup 2013 in Pakistan from November 25 to December 02, 2013.
2.       11th East Asia Baseball Cup 2014 in Philippine

3.       Asian AAA BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 in Thailand

Mr. Khawar Shah Executive Director West Asia Baseball Federation of Asia explained the detail program of Baseball Development in West Asia (in Arab Countries). House unanimously approved the proposal of Mr. Khawar Shah Executive Director West Asia Baseball Federation of Asia and Mr. Khawar Shah will visit UAE in August 2013 and Kuwait in September 2013 for the development of Baseball in UAE and Kuwait.

This year Baseball Federation of Asia is organizing Chinese Taipei International Baseball Tournament. Participating countries will be USA, Cuba, Holland, Chinese Taipei, Italy, Japan, China and Korea. In the meeting Mr. Khawar Shah pointed out that Pakistan may be included in above mentioned international baseball tournament. And the President BFA Mr. Tom Peng told that Pakistan will also participate in the tournament. This will be a great achievement that Pakistan Baseball Team will also play in top world baseball teams in this tournament.

Pakistan Federation Baseball has decided to organized 11th West Asia Baseball Cup in Qasim Bagh Stadium, Multan.

One day before the meeting the Final Match of 2nd IBAF U12 Baseball World Cup was played between USA and defending champion Chinese Taipei. USA takes 12U Baseball World Cup with 8-1 victory over Chinese Taipei. Pakistan U12 Baseball Team also participate in this World Cup. During the final day Mr. Riccardo Fraccari President International Baseball Federation, Mr. Tom Peng President Baseball Federation of Asia and Mr. Khawar Shah Executive Director West Asia Baseball Federation of Asia had a dinner together and a group photo.