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LAHORE, July 13: The Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) in separate letters written to federal Minister for Interprovincial Coordination Committee Riaz Pirzada and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has pointed out the unlawful activities by the Pakistan Army Sports Directorate Officer in the recently-held elections of the interim committee of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) in Islamabad.

In the letter to the federal minister, PJJF secretary Waqar Ilyas Khan said the interim committee of the POA in its so-calledelective general council held on July 5 in Islamabad shown unauthorised Ju-Jitsu representatives in the shape of Naveed Mahmood and Major Mubeen Shahid.

`I am writing this letter to clarify that these persons were not at all deputed or authorised by the PJJF to attend any such meeting. Furthermore, Naveed Mahmood is a person with an insatiable character and was never a member of the PJJF at any forum, rather he was banned for life along with one Mrs Abida Tanveer by PJJF general council in its meeting on Jan 20, 2010, the secretary stated.

In the letter to the Chief of Army Staff, the secretary said: `It has come to our knowledgethrough a reliable source that an illegal and fake representation was made by the Pakistan Army Sports Directorate in the socalled elective general council meeting of the POA. The Pakistan Army Sports Directorate represented through its various officers in different sports were not authorised by the respective national federations.

`Our federation would like to inform the COAS about this shameful act committed by some people. Whilst sitting in the Army Sports Directorate, some people have done a lot of shameless acts about which none of you were informed,` the secretary further said.

`Major Mubeen Shahid -manager of the Army Ju-jitsu team represented Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation in this illegal elective general council meeting of the POA along with one Mahmood Naveed. The latter has already been banned for life by the general council of the PJJF in its meeting on Jan 20, 2010.

`The PJJF will appreciate if the Chief of Army Staff takes notice of this illegal act by the Army Sports Directorate or its officers in creating a parallel organisation and creating hurdles in smooth running of the PJJF. Otherwise, the federation would have to take all possible legal actions against these mischievous people on its own,` the letter concluded.