Mission Page

To promote, develop, regulate and control Sailing in Pakistan.

To establish, supervise and interpret the Rules and Regulations of International Sailing Federation (ISAF) / Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF) and other International Class Associations.

To coordinate and control activities in respect of sailing in all its ways including the holding of competitions, organization of National Championships, Clinics and Seminars under its own or under the auspices of any of its Member Unit.

To act as the organizing authority of the National Games Sailing Competition and International Sailing Regattas / Championships.

To collect funds for the purpose of the Federation and utilize them in such a manner as may be considered desirable for attainment of aims and objectives of the Federation.

To select teams and officials to represent Pakistan in the international sailing competitions.

To create, standardize and regulate structures of Technical Officials / Race Officers / Judges / Umpires and Coaches under Executive Committee of the Federation.

To establish training camps and organize promotional programs for expanding and raising standard of sailing in Pakistan.

To communicate with the World Sailing Limited (ISAF), ASAF, PSB, POA and other Government Bodies as and when required.

To establish affiliation and continue recognition by World Sailing Limited (ISAF), ASAF, PSB and POA and other international / national sailing bodies.

To take action against violence in sport and against any form of discrimination on grounds of race, religion or politics etc.

To ensure the observance of World Anti Doping Code of World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Sailing Limited (ISAF) and fight against doping and use of substances and procedures prohibited by the IOC or the ISAF/ASAF.

To encourage women participation in sailing and make an endeavor to induct women in the General Council / Executive Committee of the Federation with the strength as per PSB/POA’s directive.

To do all other acts and things as deemed necessary or conducive to carry out Aims and Objects of the Federation.