Pakistan Gymnastics Federation

  1. To encourage, promote, assist and control the development of Gymnastics.
  2. To organize gymnastic competitions and championships and authorize the holding of the same as often as possible.
  3. To hold National Championship every year.
  4. To cause the formation of Regional Organization and affiliate them.
  5. To arrange, assist, finance (if required) and encourage, systematic training of Gymnastic though coaching centers in and outside Pakistan.
  6. To arrange and finance Pakistan team's participation in international championships and other tournaments of international nature.
  7. To certify the amateur status of Pakistan Gymnastics where ever required.
  8. To raise funds for carrying out the aforesaid objectives of the Federation.
  9. To help in formation of regional organizations and to organize international championships.
  10. To get affiliation with FIG, AGU and other regional organizations.
  11. To support the Olympic movement and honor the Olympic charter.