National Rifle Association of Pakistan

  1. To act as the supreme body for the supervision, control, organization and management of target shooting as a sport, and for the supervision and guidance of all the member units within its jurisdiction.
  2. To get affiliated with the Pakistan Olympic Association and / or if necessary with the Pakistan Sports Board or any other official authority constituted in Pakistan under I.O.C Charter for this purpose, and to get affiliated with the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and Asian Shooting Confederation (ASF), or any other international sports body as may be necessary if it serves the best interest of the Sports in Pakistan.
  3. To encourage, promote and popularize the Sports in Pakistan.
  4. To organize, control and authorize the holding of championships, competitions and contests as part of ongoing annual shooting programmes, the other tests or trials for the selection of national shooting teams to represent the country in international championships.
  5. To recognize and accord affiliation to Sports organizations within its jurisdiction in accordance with Article 5 herein for the promotion of the Sport.
  6. To act as the controlling body for the coordination of Member Units within, and with other sports bodies in Pakistan.
  7. To represent the shooters and Members Units for the projection and promotion of Sport and to protect their interests with the Pakistan Olympic Association and /or the Pakistan Sports Board, and elsewhere.
  8. To arrange and organize training and coaching of shooters and marksmen in order to develop and upgrade their skills in the Sports in Pakistan.
  9. To import, purchase and acquire fire arms and ammunition, shooting equipments, accessories and aids as may be deemed fit and necessary on behalf of Member Units in Pakistan, an on its own behalf.
  10. To arrange National representation in international matches and championships, and to select and train the national shooting teams, to effectively participate in these matches and win honours for the country.
  11. To apply for and obtain a dealer’s arm license, import licenses or permits from appropriate authorities for the import and storage of fire arms, ammunition or other shooting equipment and accessories.
  12. To construct, manage, run and control shooting ranges for the NRAP for the promotion of Sport at such place as may be decided by the Executive Committee.
  13. To sell, grant, or give on loan fire arms, ammunition or other shooting equipment or accessories subject to the approval of concerned authorities as and where applicable to such Member Units as may be deemed fit for the promotion of the Sports in Pakistan.
  14. To certify, recognize and approve the amateur status of shooters within its jurisdiction.
  15. To seek tax exemption under Section 15(d) of the income Tax Act 1922, for the Association’s revenue earnings.
  16. To receive grants, grants-in-aid, donations or subscriptions or other funds from the Government or from any other person or agency and use it for the promotion of the Sport.
  17. To construct, raise, erect, lease out, take on rent or lease, purchase or otherwise acquire any moveable or immoveable properties or premises as deemed fit for the purpose and use of the NRAP.
  18. To do all and everything necessary as required for the effective and efficient running, working, administration or organization of the NRAP as may be ancillary or incidental to the said Aims and Objects of the NRAP.
  19. To appoint committees and to do all such things as may be incidental to and necessary for the attainment of the above mentioned Aims and Objects of the NRAP.