Pakistan Rugby Union

  1. To establish, promote arrange, regulate, finance, organize, encourage, support, assist, aid, and/or govern the game of Rugby in Pakistan and give the Union’s decision on all matters which may be referred to the Union by any Member Associations/Unions, Provincial bodies, Departments etc.
  2. To abide by the Laws of Rugby as established by the International Rugby Board, and the Asian Rugby Football Union.
  3. To encourage the formation of Provincial and Departmental Associations/Unions and other Rugby Associations/Unions and to organize National/International tournaments in and outside Pakistan.
  4. To arrange, govern, regulate and (if necessary) finance visits to Pakistan of teams that are members of the International Rugby Board and/or the Asian Football Rugby Union and/or teams of other countries, whether national or otherwise.
  5. To arrange, govern, regulate and finance visits of Pakistan Rugby Union teams (that is to say, a national, provincial team and/or any other teams whatsoever from Pakistan (whether Zonal, Departmental, district, Tehsil, City, or other to countries that are members of the International Rugby Board and/or the Asian Football Rugby Union and/or elsewhere in conjunction with the bodies governing Rugby in the countries to be visited and to arrange, govern, regulate and finance visits of coaches, referee’s and other individuals for training and for other such purposes that are consistent with the objectives of the Pakistan Rugby Union.
  6. To promote the game throughout Pakistan by organizing, encouraging, supporting, assisting and/or aiding, seminars, classes, discussions, coaching schemes, tournaments, exhibition matches, workshops, training centers or in any other manner whatsoever.
  7. To foster the spirit of sportsmanship and the ideals of the Rugby amongst students of schools, colleges and universities, and / or any other provincial, governmental and/or statutory organizations and private organization etc., to educate them in the same.
  8. To frame the laws of the Rugby in Pakistan and to make any alternations, modifications, amendments or additions, whatsoever to the laws of Rugby in Pakistan, whenever desirable or necessary in conformity with the laws of rugby as set by the International Rugby Board.
  9. To affiliate the Pakistan Rugby Union with the Pakistan Sports Board, the Pakistan Olympic Union, the International Rugby Board, the Asian Rugby Football Union and any other body desirable to obtain recognition, enroll as members and / or continue as members and or any other necessary organization (whether international or otherwise) with a view to promoting or furthering the objects of the Union.
  10. To keep the members informed from time to time about any development in techniques and trend of the sport.
  11. To donate such sum or sums for:
    • Such causes as would be deemed fit by the union conductive to the promotion of the game of Rugby
    • the benefit of the Rugby player or his widow or children as the union may deem fit
    • any other person who has served Rugby or his widow or his children as the Union may consider fit.
  12. To organize matches in aid of Public Charities and Relief Funds.
  13. To lay out any grounds for playing the game and for other purposes and to provide pavilions, gymnasium, changing rooms and other conveniences and amenities in connection herewith.
  14. To impart of physical education through the medium of Rugby.
  15. To acquire movable and immovable property and to apply both the capital and income thereof and the proceeds of the sale or mortgage thereof, for or towards, all or any of the objects of the union.
  16. To appoint committees, from time to time to organize matches for the achievement of the objects of the union and to utilize the net proceeds thereof towards the implementation of the objects set out herein.
  17. To take such action as may be necessary to coordinate the activities of affiliated associations/unions, provinces, departments or institutions and their members in relation to the Union and amongst themselves.
  18. To select teams to represent Pakistan in matches, whether locally or abroad, and to select such other teams as the Union may decide from time to time.
  19. To start or sponsor and / or to funds or stage a match for the benefit of the players or persons who may have rendered service to the game of rugby-football or for their families or to donate towards such persons or their families and for the development or promotion of the game.
  20. To appoint managers, coaches and other officials of Pakistan teams. Whether the Pakistan Rugby Union team or otherwise.
  21. To appoint a representative or representatives to attend conferences, meetings or seminars, connected with game of Rugby.
  22. To retain and / or to employ, appoint executives, development officers, secretaries and assistant secretaries, clerks, managers, coaches, professional rugby players, referees, grounds-men, scorers, statisticians, peons, servants, chowkidars, and other service personnel and staff and to pay them remunerations, salaries, wages, gratuities, pensions, honorariums, compensations, ex-gratia payments, provident funds or any other benefit in money or moneys worth in return for their services rendered to the union, and to remove or dismiss such employees.


  • Development: GIR, Schools, Colleges/Universities, Departments
  • T&E: Coaches, Referees, S&C, Medical, Match Commissioner
  • Participation: International Representations (Men 15’s & 7’s, Women 7’s, U-19 15’s)
  • Domestic (National Games, National 7’s Championship, U-16 Boys, U-18 Girls/Boys, U-20 Girls/Boys, 15’s League