Pakistan Table Tennis Federation

  1. To uphold the principles of the PTTF and to develop the spirit of friendship and mutual assistance among Associations and players;
  2. to regulate relations between Associations and other organizations;
  3. to seek continual improvement in the technical standard of table tennis and in the extent of participation in the sport throughout Pakistan;
  4. To foster friendly sporting competition and to eliminate unfair and unsporting practices such as the use of drugs to enhance performance;
  5. to establish and maintain the Laws of Table Tennis and the Regulations prescribed by the ITTF from time to time, for national and other Competitions in Pakistan;
  6. to publish the standard text, which shall be the English text, of the Rules, consisting of the Constitution, the Laws and the Regulations;
  7. to encourage the publication of the Rules in Urdu an check the accuracy of such publications;
  8. to promote and to supervise National title competitions annually for cadets, juniors as well as all registered players;
  9. to employ the funds of the PTTF as may be expedient in the interests of national table tennis;
  10. to endeavour to increase participation at all levels, to enhance the popularity of the sport, to develop new sources of revenue, and to manage the sport through a systematic planning process; more specifically through all Pakistan based autonomous and Private Section Organizations/institutions by encouraging them to become Affiliated Members and any other Organizations and their Directors/Executives to become Corporate and Personal Honorary members.
  11. to encourage players, coaches and officials to present the sport positively in the best ways so as to enhance its image.
  12. to encourage and to support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and to ensure significant representation of women in PTTF Committees, Commissions and Working Groups;
  13. to seek national/international sponsorships and promote coach/ technical officials education programmes in order to provide qualified coaches/umpires at all levels;
  14. to seek national/international sponsorships and promote seminars, clinics, workshops, and conduct National Umpires/Referee courses and Examinations besides availing opportunities for deserving aspirants to take ITTF Umpires/Referee Examinations.
  15. To select teams and officials to represent Pakistan to promote, control and finance their visits abroad.