KPK Olympic Association

  1. To foster and develop Sports and to ensure the observance of the constitution of POA and educate public opinion as to the importance of organized physical education as a means of improving the health of the people, developing the character and promoting spirit of citizenship through games and to provide facilities directly or in cooperation with other organization for people’s recreation and physical fitness.
  2. To organize, encourage, standardize and control games and sports throughout its jurisdiction on an amateur basis as defined by the corresponding National Federation.
  3. To arrange systematic coaching of athletes and to organize and assist them to participate in athletic competitions.
  4. To organize, control and authorize the holding of competitions and exhibitions in athletics within its jurisdiction.
  5. To organize, recognize and affiliate sports associations in such territories may be assigned to them respectively subject to the general guidance and supervision of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Olympic Association.
  6. To raise funds for carrying out of the aforesaid objectives of the Association.
  7. To appoint committees and to do all such other things as may be incidental to the above mentioned objectives of the Association.
  8. To certify the amateur status of the athletes and sportsmen falling within the jurisdiction of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Olympic Association.
  9. To prepare teams and send entries for participation in all Games held by Pakistan Olympic Association i.e. National Games, Inter-Provincial Games or all other Games as and when announced by the Pakistan Olympic Association.
  10. To communicate with the POA, National Federations and Governmental bodies when required.
  11. To encourage and induct women participation in sports and its management.
  12. To ensure resolution of all disputes in sports through Arbitration.
  13. To take disciplinary action against any member Unit for misbehavior of its Athletes/Officials or any undesirable activity bringing discredit to the country/province and sports or violating Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Olympic Association Constriction.