Balochistan Olympic Association

  1. To foster and develop the Olympic Movement and its high ideals throughout the Province.
  2. To encourage, promote, supervise and assist the development of Sports in Balochistan.
  3. To maintain the highest ideals of amateurism and to promote general interest therein particularly in connection with the Olympic, Regional and other International Games.
  4. To instill in the youth the qualities of disciplines, courage self reliance, honesty, tolerance and like virtues.
  5. To organize contests championships in sports and games and to authorize holding of championships in all Balochistan bases atleast once a year or whenever necessary.
  6. To affiliate regional associations and Provincial Associations of games or sports, this may be recognized in the Olympic movement.
  7. To arrange and encourage systematic training of sportsmen by establishing or causing to be established coaching centers in Balochistan and assisting sportsmen in training abroad.
  8. To act as channel of communication between the province Associations and the National Olympic Committee.
  9. To arrange and finance the best amateur representation of Balochistan Teams for participation in National Olympic Championships and other contests of similar nature.
  10. To certify the amateur status of Balochistan Competitions for all National contests.
  11. To raise funds for carrying out the aforesaid objects of the Association.
  12. To do all acts and things necessary and proper to carry out the purposes of the Association.