Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation

  1. To promote and develop physical culture as much as it relates to bodybuilding in Pakistan.
  2. To maintain general control of bodybuilding in Pakistan.
  3. To promote the formation of affiliate organization.
  4. To coordinate activities in respect of bodybuilding in all ways including holding of inter provincial contests, etc and organizing or re-organizing national championship.
  5. To collect funds for the purpose of PBBF and employ the same in such a manner as may be considered desirable for the aims and objects of the Federation.
  6. To select teams to represent Pakistan abroad and to promote, control and finance visits by such teams.
  7. To promote, control and if necessary to finance the visits to Pakistan of foreign teams.
  8. Generally to do all such other things and acts as may be convenient and/or conducive to the carrying out of the objects of the Federation.
  9. To standardize and control judging.
  10. To certify the amateur status of the Pakistani representatives for international contests.
  11. To affiliate with IFBB, ABBF and such other organization as may deemed necessary.