Pakistan Football Federation

  1. To promote the game of football in Pakistan (and safeguard its interests in every way it deems fit).
  2. To foster friendly relations among its affiliated units, their officials and players by promoting the organization of football matches at all levels in Pakistan. 
  3. To control every type of Football activity by taking steps as shall be deemed necessary, or advisable, to prevent infringements of the constitution and allied by-laws. 
  4. To prevent the introduction of improper methods or practices in the game and protect it from abuses. 
  5. To seek affiliation to FIFA, AFC and POA, and to act as the channel of communication between them and the units of the Congress.
  6. To provide, by means of allied By-Laws, principles for settling any differences that may arise between or among the units without any discrimination or prejudice.
  7. To arrange the construction of adequate playing fields and allied facilities, and to retain and acquire any copy right for them.
  8. To  preserve  the  independence  of  the  Federation  in  all  matters, without outside influence and interference.
  9. To appoint Committees as may be deemed necessary.
  10. To control and promote refereeing and other technical aspects of the Game.
  11. To organize competitions in Association Football in all its forms at a national  level,  by  defining  precisely,  as  required,  the  areas  of authority conceded to the various units/leagues of which it is composed.
  12. To respect and prevent any infringement of the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, AFC and PFF as well as the laws of the  Game,  and  to  ensure  that  these  are  also  respected  by  its Members.